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I agree that throwing young players in and asking them to perform regularly in not fair on them. When Ronaldo came in we had Giggs, Scholes, RVN etc. You have t...
6 hours ago
LVG likes small squads and he intentionally kept the squad thin.
8 hours ago
What happend to liverpool these last 25 years?
15 hours ago
Some of it. Yes. Is that even a debate? But we dont have the luxary to be saying no to such managers right now wont you say?
17 hours ago
Just because i want Jose dosent mean i act like there arent somethings expected of a Utd manager.
United way is not a myth. There are somethings that this football club stands for. Some people may not know it but that dosent mean it dosent exist.
This club needs Jose Mourinho and i hope he joins us next season.
The season is over already and its only Feb. We are not winning Europa or FA cup. No way we are even getting close. What a horrible season this has been. Worse ...
He is playing without confidence. Every touch he makes lacks composure or calmness. I have seen him before and he is a way better player than this. He needs tim...
18 hours ago
@Paddy Memphis is every thing wrong with Utd right now. He is the next Fellaini. Our fan base need some one to bash to feel good about ourself nowadays.
We dont but i beleive LVG will come out with some bs to justify this loss too.
Lol Outplayed by Sunderland.
Big No to Giggs. He has failed working under Moyes and LVG. Fans usually blame the manager but he was also part of the team. Giggs has almost 0 experience manag...
1 day ago
This is just another reason why fans should not be running around calling for the manager to be sacked. You may not get what you want just because you sack the ...
2 days ago
Would Mourinho wait more than a year for the Utd job? Maybe he will but it looks like LVG is ready to walk in the summer and Mourinho will take over. @Sif I ...
3 days ago
Di Marzio is trustworthy. It looks like Jose will take over in the summer. If this is confirmed Manchester will have the 2 best managers in the world.
Not really sure. I would guess we did not want to be seen as a club that keep sacking managers mid season.
Wow, Will Keane playing like Lewandowski. His 4th goals was the best i have seen in a while from a Utd player.
5 days ago
@Cj , Criticism is ok but calling him names and saying he should be sold to a Chinese or American club is not criticism. @Cat, Nani was a nightmare towards th...
Januzaj off injured. Maybe a hamstring injury. Add Varela to the injury list as well.
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