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F*****g diver
5 years ago
Number 9 looked like he was about to whoop that SONNA's (11) guy ass. then he just ran back
Goalkeeper conceded 6 goals and still deserves the Player of the Match
There will never be another brazil like the one in 1998 WC
Dawich, that game was nothing close to irrelevant, Chelsea had to win to prove that their CL win wasnt a fluke. and there is no reason for a CL winner to lose t...
Koscielny played pretty bad today. :(
So his strategy was to lose to A Madrid 4-1. Ohhhhhhhh
I bench him in FiFa
Is it just me or do some of the players in the line up at the beginning look like fifa characters
Although I am glad that arsenal won, I feel that Southampton should have done a lot better after seeing how terrific they were against Man U and City :(
Postiga is garbage, where is quarisma
THERE is a big difference between players leaving clubs to pursue Trophies and Money vs Teams getting rid of players that have made history for the club against...
Arfa is a beast
6 years ago
Arsenal should have saved this performance for their upcoming game vs MILAN in the CL, Arsenal rarely shows good form nowadays ;). If they play like this 4-0 i...
Best forwards line up Melouda Drogba Anelika Miss the old day
Both Wolves goals were lucky but good job to the new coach. Amazing goals for NC
I blame everything on Torrez not AVB ;)
Why the Hell are you talking, ur Team got smacked 3-1, Im sure CSKA will like playing in spain more as well. Weather dont mean s**t anyway, Half of the CSKA te...
Definatly not the best game for CSKA but Ronaldos goal was due ti defencive error. RM is gonna get owned 2nd leg
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