Xmac28 (Frollo) 9 times world champion!!! XD
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Art football: open, offensive, "play for the crowd" style, afterall football is a spectacle :)
Ugly, defensive, "play for the result" game.
Amateur (Midfielder)
My teams are: Internacional and Roma
National teams: Brazil and Italy

I'd rather see my team losing a match for 3x2 and play a nice game instead of see it winning 1x0 in a bad game :)
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Brazil might not playing the fantasy football anymore but Fabiano's goal with the assist of Kaka' was pure art :)
7 years ago
I agree with your opinion: the brazilians always complain, if they lose playing bonito, they complain, if they win playing objective fooball, they complain. THe...
The referees on both games yesterday were a joke but I always think that if my team is looking for excuses for a loss, it's because they did not deserve to win....
What an irony: England was champion on 66 with a goal that never happened, similar situation as today's ruled out goal from England. Either way Germany played b...
MExico was robbed and Argentina was lucky, that's all I have to say. I don't think Argentina will advance against Germany.
WHat a game, I almost had a heartattack at the end! Its sucks that Italy was sent home but with all honesty, Italy did not deserve it: they played 6 matches in ...
Here's the video, this is beyond ridiculous!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0YTiTKyah8
France is pathetic, Parreira came to shake hands with DOmenech at the end of the match and Domenech refused it, what a childish loser. Arrivederci France, pack ...
After all the blow he snorts, that passion and energy doesnt surprise me :)
Hashahha, pure awesomeness!!
Haha this is hilarious: http://i.imgur.com/hGOzG.gif
What a nice match, Brazil played a beautiful game. Red card only for the violence and provocation from the Ivory Coast team, besides kicking (literally) Elano o...
I never said Italy wasnt ultradefensive :) Italy's football is, in fact, one of the ugliest to watch, along with the english football. But, overall, most teams...
I will repeat: football nowadays is like hollywood: big productions, big stars, big money and very little content. Pathetic. These ultradefensive teams should b...
I still think FIfa should start thinking about some rule to penalize teams that play excessively defensive. These games are so boring to watch and, honestly, wh...
ENgland played a pathetic game today. I think the problem with some european national teams is that they rely too much on foreigner talent. This way there's les...
Haha, France entered the worldcup via back door and now it goes home using the same door, arrivederci France!! :)
Spain has a good team, they are strong, but they have a big problem to fix if they want to win a worldcup ever: the ghost that haunts them on important tourname...
I agree with everything you said Giuri, its the 'modern football" and it is how its played. But what can I do if I grew up watching the old "romantic football"?...
ANother average game. I'm starting to think the brazilian coach should have swallowed his pride and brought ronaldinho, pato and some others. Kaka half injured ...
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