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I was hoping we might get Ronaldo as back up for James Rodriguez.
3 years ago
Strootman, but it wont be til January.
How had i never seen this before???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHl53YWdK58&feature=youtu.be
4 years ago
...unfortunately the biggest clubs in the world will be in the Champions League next year, meaning we should consider ourselves lucky van Gaal is available.
SAF signed RVP for 22 million and he promptly won us the league. You think SAF is behind us bidding 60 million for Cavani? Very possible the stories aren't tru...
It's all over the news we are chasing Cavani and Fabregas (plus about to pay waaaay too much for Shaw, who at least we need). What other explanation is there?
As much as we would all like to think there is a football Wizard of Old Trafford behind the curtain making the decisions (e.g. SAF), the reality is the Glazers ...
@ Yaldho Most likely new manager is LVG, who would not be able to start at the club til after the world cup, way too late to be starting any huge transfer busin...
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Neither club has made an announcement, which almost certainly means off (certain users here proclaiming it as "confirmed" a few hours ago notwithstanding).
I haven't seen it announced as off. Interesting that this review of our transfer window doesn't even mention Coentrao: http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/...
@Karthik lol you already gave us a confirmation! Or are you saying that maybe for whatever reason you posted a total lie?
Real were not obligated to make a deal, maybe they agreed to it and then dragged their feet when they figured they'd be just as happy to keep him. He's their pl...
You don't have to give a link, you just have to name a source (unless you are completely making it up of course). BBC is legit, twitter is NOT.
...except you already confirmed the Coentrao deal for us, so which deals are you referring to? And when can we expect an official announcement on Coentrao?
This is the joker that just confirmed Coentrao and then ignored everyone's request for a source....
@Surajloks: sarcasm mate :)
Well yeah I think I would rather have Everton pull off some hilarious trolling! We need a MF, but come on how funny would it be if the official Everton website ...
I think most fans are actually hoping he is relieved of his transfer duties permanently. I certainly am.
How could it be off? Someone on the internet says it's confirmed!
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