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9 months ago
Hart needs to leave City, he just doesn't have it anymore. He used to be great now he is below average.
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10 months ago
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Wow, arsenal look incredible!
11 months ago
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Ronaldo= best player ever!
1 year ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
I want to hear Bale say he wants to leave before I believe any of this nonsense, what has happened to club loyalty? I mean Bale is a fantastic player but is he ...
What a goal poor dzeko wont even be playing this season for city, what a shame
Somewhere on FootyTube
Sell Rooney and get on with it. this story is getting old...
The last paragraph is precisely what is going to happen. real madrid will take the money from Napoli and buy Suarez for 40mil leaving Arsenal empty handed. Why ...
GET FELLAINI! dont wait till his buyout clause expires. he will fit into the united squad perfectly. he is well worth the 25 mil. btw I dont think fabragas is a...
Fellaini to united
Bale STAY! unless you wanna come join us over at United. whatever you do just dont leave the premier league. your my captain for my fantasy team
Im surprised city arent making a bid, given they have brought in two new wing players, benteke would make a good finisher for them. But I hope he goes to spurs,...
Pique made no attempt at the ball, he was making sure neymar didnt get by him because he was the last man, by definition that is a red card!
Buffon finally decided to show up for the third place game. where were you in the group stages?
Is this real?
Bye bye wigan
They should rename the league trophy after SAF, I mean he practically owned it while he was managing. Truly an incredible leader: feared and loved
The weakness Of Barcelona has finally been exploited. 7-0 on aggregate. WOW. The germans have got their football together this season. Its going to be a great f...
Ronaldo who? LEWANDOWSKI!!!!!!!! come to manu
He should be a 75 no way he is better than nani, mata, hazard, walcott, nasri, or young
I hope barca and bayern play in the next round... arsenal, you played with some heart, no one gave you a chance and you almost turned the tie. Im dissappointed ...
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