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Yer he is good but more importintly wot a goal from the free kick in his own half by figueroa screemer
8 years ago
How about this 40 metre rocket shot i found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R3o1CyJ8Jc
I think what ever it is ... it will never beat anfeild
I think what ever it is ... it will never beat anfeild
I Have an idea mabey it could say somthing like DAMM U SCOUCES U BEAT UZ 2 5
Yer sumthin like that
Ye i knew about that form lma manager 07 and i had the same thoughts as u
Sos th pic didnt work
I think were fogeting about anfeld geocities.com
I think samwell of inter will do well as manager of most clubs
LOL der funny tack a look @ dis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qAkm6Pc7LE
I think that in the villa game the loss of xabi alonso was very aparent because in the biuld up to our attacks there was no tempo and msshes and lucas where pas...
No I still think that owen will score as many goals as last season and will not fill the gap that was left by tevez and ronaldo
Ye i joined 2 days ago now ang my dreamfooty team will own uz all
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