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Lol, @Prophet - Couldn't have said it better myself.
Well, I was hoping Chelsea got to this point - gives them two more high profile maches which should drain their focus from the EPL. This could be the moment the...
2 weeks ago
Lets not start something here Fernandez...
^It's not hard to understand I guess: 1)We haven't had to completely buy our way to the title 2)We actually have decent strikers, (which really seems to annoy ...
Is there actually evidence that the Liverpool forum is worse than other forum's in terms of swearing or being more aggressive than others? Please share. I am ha...
3 weeks ago
As a rival supporter I would hate to see any of those 3 names manage United (Pochettino, Simeone and Klopp). I think they all reek class, and play football the ...
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1 month ago
Just to reiterate how important Allen and Henderson are to the way we play (especially atm), here's the top 3 distance covered stats by players against Cardiff ...
@Worlock: Disagree with your first statement. Allen has been very consistent in his performances since he came back, playing very effectively and efficiently in...
CL's boring when you're not in it! We're all just waiting to unleash our attacking style in the CL next season. There's going to be some amazing games next seas...
I and every other Liverpool fan hope your right! haha.
It is true in many ways. Gerrard of course has had to carry the team on many an occasion, if only we had more quality players around him during his peak years h...
Http://www.givemesport.com/441730-manchester-united-fan-lists-100-reasons-to-hate-liverpool?autoplay=on Lol love the bit where he's trying to convince himself ...
Suarez(Eng)----------Messi(Esp)----------Ribery(Ger) ---------Snieder(Tur)---------Dominguez(Gre)--------- ---------------------------Pirlo(Ita)--------------...
It's the other way around. SAS = 24(Suarez) + 18(Sturridge) --> 42 goals ManU = 43
Well building from the back is half the reason we do so well though. It attracts the opposition players to push up thus creating more space behind the oppositi...
Ah, Barcelona 2-0 up in the 90th minute. Dani-Alves scores and that could be then end of it...
2 months ago
FT City 0 - 2 Barcelona Well I guess it's the treble for city now, not the quadruple!
0-1 to Barcelona atm if anyone's interested. 70 mins gone and city down to 10 men after a Dimichelis got red fouling Messi on a 1 on 1 with the keeper. Barcelon...
Not that I have anything against your prediction (because in fact I love it), however putting us before your team - with all it's quality - in the table is quit...
Well big game in the CL today! Man City vs Barcelona, about as big as they come. So who's you're money on? I'm hoping Man City win to make it interesting on th...
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