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We have the best fans in the world. F*** the media. IN RAFA WE TRUST
4 years ago
Well you know most people in here only vote for "awesome" or "lucky" or "rubbish"
Seriously are commentators paid to bash on liverpool?
You are a downright idiot.
Yeah somehow i get the feeling that fiorentina fans think they have won the champions league. edit: Wait actually i feel that everyone thinks fiorentina just ...
Arsenal just seems to lack the final ball and finishing, and got punished by chelsea.
National teams are crap anyway. How much time do national players even train together in the first place.
I seriously think someone hired a witch doctor to curse Liverpool. These injuries are getting ridiculous.
Great technique from fletcher.
This is a joke. But anyway, France is probably going to go out in the group stages or first knockout round or something.
Yeah i dont know what's wrong with skrtel and carra this season. Really horrible defending for the 1st goal.
The thing is that the media loves bashing rafa and liverpool so there will inevitably be a lot of people who dont have their own perspective ending up parroting...
Get behind the team or go support someone else
Seconded! I cant stop laughing when I saw him
Yeah it was a pretty good dive. Not that I like it lol.
Or watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlj96_y6gEc best liverpool vid i have seen in a long time.
I know man. It's like a double blow. First we draw and second ngog dived to get the draw
Lol remember old trafford and the penalties given last season? Remember the extra injury time given against mancity? Stop whining . The league is bent and every...
1. Yes it is a dive. 2. Dont you manutd fans find it funny that you are whining about diving/cheating? Ronaldo anyone? Or the "until we score" injury time added...
I love how reina is the first to reach ngog after he scores. Probably meant he started running once ngog got the ball. Class!
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