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Napoli has a team??
6 years ago
Is it just me or does Sapong kinda play like a young TH14?
Is it me or was the build up play for Dempsey's goal just spec-freaking-tacular? I was seeing colors I've never seen before.
He better learn Bedoya is a spark plug and Agudelo still has plenty of growing up to do
Please tell me you're not British saying this. The U.S. beat a full strength Spanish side in the confed cup and we have had Mexico under our heel in this compet...
Anybody else really impressed with the van persie-walcott combo thats quickly developed here? they are frightening together
7 years ago
I dont think its about lack of defensive capability but more about no one on the bench
Hell of a game by Man U, but face it fellas all your adorable posturing means approximately dick. there's 2 teams left in this league and you're (poorly) attemp...
When in the last 30 years has anyone written of man utd for the league. Them red devils will never be an underdog
Except that Balotelli Silva and Tevez are all out now and Ade isnt getting much love there apparently because he can no longer figure out which boot goeson whic...
In no way was he running full speed and its pretty suspect when Di Maria fell after the defender let go of his jersey. that being said the defender never should...
Thats his wife and believe it or not it was her idea! apparently she got bored with dreadlocks
And is it just me or were Racing playing a ludicrously high line?
Racing was terrible and the first 2 goals looked offside to me. That being said, damn are those guys good
Did Spain just win this game with 3 Headers?!?! the sky must be falling
I think thats going to be THE fixture for the first half of the season. Arsenal and Chelsea look like the 2 strongest teams right now and I would like to see th...
@COYS you mean the cup you boys were over the moon about winning a while back? By the way, you think Lansbury, Gibbs, and djouru are Arsenal first team?
What happened to twellman?
8 years ago
They havent even bid for cesc yet
Ryan smith was a great signing and Kamara, please stay forever
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