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I'm glad that more people are picking up on this. {Sir Alex} Ferguson pretty much always makes convenient excuses anytime they lose. This has been going on for ...
Name another English player who looks more like Shrek. On this level, Rooney clearly has no equal.
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
We don't even know the words that were actually exchanged. This should matter because staff at all levels are involved in supporting Mancini's narrative, which ...
It's so easy when a massive campaign of character assassination has occurred to just fall in line with the dominant narrative - 'this dude is a total jerk' he m...
Yes, very much so. They need to take the financial hit and just not play Carroll at all unless they're forced to. 'Pool play so much better without him, and it'...
I don't know... Most managers tend to care about putting the best possible players into every single game. When players are playing poorly, they make a very goo...
How is this even a question to be taken seriously? Ronaldo is a selfish, diving cry-baby. Barcelona is an actual team whereas Madrid are just a bunch of high ...
Perhaps being left-footed is something of an advantage seeing as how the vast majority of players are right-footed. Unless you know the player, the default is t...
I think it's a win-win for everybody. Crouch plays best when he's under some type of pressure or competing for a spot. Also, it's difficult to transcend the rol...
Which is more n00b - rooting for the defending champions or rooting for any other team in the league?
Only one of them looks like Shrek...
Top of the table, Wolves!!!! What now!?!? YEA!
Yes! Go Wolves! Number 2, for the time being!
Swansea. They were in the epl for a few seasons in the early 80s.
7 years ago
If Wolves hold off relegation, then I should think they would be more than pleased as this would be all they were hoping for and pretty much all that could be a...
"4-4-2 is just as 'organic' and 'complex' as 4-3-3 or whatever, the difference between the formations is plainly negligible. 4-4-2 may as well be 4-2-3-1 when y...
The 4-4-2 seems to be a reoccurring default system partly because it's most likely the formation that most people grow up playing. It's also a popular default b...
I sort of respect that point. Especially if prioritizing Dzeko results in getting Balotelli completely off the pitch. Dzeko would be a great target man especial...
Doesn't matter if he's 13 or 37. His job on the pitch is to score and NOT bring down the team's morale. You'd think that the latter would actually be the simple...
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