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These people had forgotten what
their corebuisness is!!!
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2 cool votes for you mate
3 years ago
Is Walter Zenga as good as everybody says? I think he should do much better with this team and players
5 years ago
Hmmm... 3 people had voted the match!!! Is this based on one goal they saw on footytube?
Wizeguy3(Juventus)1 hour ago "I wanna see the whole f*****g match What is this for GAY s**t!!! Just 5 min from 20... This sucks What the f**k is going on??? f...
A draw for the change! Chelsea disappointed me... After the last 4 games (C below) i thought they will crush Atletico _______________________________________...
Haha how old is this guy? (38 or 39?) But his second goal was a beauty !!! He was the master of the midfield and made good things in front. 2 bad he is not in...
5 goals and they show me just one from the whole match. footytube sucks ass BIG TIME!!
Wohahahaha lol, Nice pic
Messias sucks for Argentina... If he want 2 be the new maradonna, he should doo some 2 his international trophy's
Your 'football passion ' picks are really beautiful.
I tested the 2 demo and I prefer pes. when you play a pes you the impression of a real football match. fifa is great but you have the sensation of video games...
BRAND NEW Pro has got some great tacticcal adds (Very sexy!!!) But the new fifa is just better! - It is a better grafically - It has a better accelation - It h...
U can download pro 2010 demo already for playstation
Real Madrid vs Barcelona This is the Mother of al matches
Why did you rival me -- I don't even know you!
6 years ago
From the youth team we know Ariaudo, Daud, imoblille, Thiago But who the f*ck is Maronne??
SERIE-A is arguably the most difficult league in Europe Juventus; Inter; Milan; Palermo; Genoa; Napoli; Fiorentina; Roma; Lazio; Udinese; Sampdoria Primara di...
What do u think of R.Baggio
Guys, What is ur opinion about the place of Giovinci in the squad? He is not a talent anymore... Their are many clubs who will kill 2 get their hands on Gio...
Liverpool will play a major roll this season With Torres, Gerrard and marcherano, it can Not go wrong !!! ____________________________________________________...
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