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These people had forgotten what
their corebuisness is!!!
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2 cool votes for you mate
3 years ago
Is Walter Zenga as good as everybody says? I think he should do much better with this team and players
5 years ago
Hmmm... 3 people had voted the match!!! Is this based on one goal they saw on footytube?
Wizeguy3(Juventus)1 hour ago "I wanna see the whole f*****g match What is this for GAY s**t!!! Just 5 min from 20... This sucks What the f**k is going on??? f...
A draw for the change! Chelsea disappointed me... After the last 4 games (C below) i thought they will crush Atletico _______________________________________...
Haha how old is this guy? (38 or 39?) But his second goal was a beauty !!! He was the master of the midfield and made good things in front. 2 bad he is not in...
5 goals and they show me just one from the whole match. footytube sucks ass BIG TIME!!
Wohahahaha lol, Nice pic
Messias sucks for Argentina... If he want 2 be the new maradonna, he should doo some 2 his international trophy's
Your 'football passion ' picks are really beautiful.
I tested the 2 demo and I prefer pes. when you play a pes you the impression of a real football match. fifa is great but you have the sensation of video games...
6 years ago
BRAND NEW Pro has got some great tacticcal adds (Very sexy!!!) But the new fifa is just better! - It is a better grafically - It has a better accelation - It h...
U can download pro 2010 demo already for playstation
Real Madrid vs Barcelona This is the Mother of al matches
Why did you rival me -- I don't even know you!
From the youth team we know Ariaudo, Daud, imoblille, Thiago But who the f*ck is Maronne??
SERIE-A is arguably the most difficult league in Europe Juventus; Inter; Milan; Palermo; Genoa; Napoli; Fiorentina; Roma; Lazio; Udinese; Sampdoria Primara di...
What do u think of R.Baggio
Guys, What is ur opinion about the place of Giovinci in the squad? He is not a talent anymore... Their are many clubs who will kill 2 get their hands on Gio...
Liverpool will play a major roll this season With Torres, Gerrard and marcherano, it can Not go wrong !!! ____________________________________________________...
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