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Wisdom just Watched
Nantes Vs. PSG
5 years ago
It seems to me that Nani was simply trying to control the ball. Unfortunately, at game speed, the referee sees a challenge worthy of a red card. Only with slow ...
Looks like there was a slight deflection from the Newcastle player, referring to Cleverley's goal.
It's not about Benzema scoring... He creates more chances for other people, especially with Ronaldo on the team. I feel Benzema is so unlucky that he doesn't ge...
Higuain = Real Madrid Loss 1-0 Madrid if Higuain looks up to see where the goal is instead of making the judgement based on Pinto's position. 2-0 Madrid i...
6 years ago
I don't blame Benzema at all for the problems that Real Madrid have now. I blame the midfield for not creating opportunities for Benzema to score, especially C....
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Why the heck is Real Madrid looking for new strikers when they already have Higuain and Benzema. If you get Rooney then Higuain will come off and neither him an...
Personally I would like to see Nasri play with Real Madrid. It would be nice to have another playmaker on the team like Ozil.
I don't understand what Mourinho is doing by putting Higuain ahead of Benzema. Higuain has played the majority of all 4 matches and has scored only 1 goal. Benz...
I would say Benzema and Kaka. Benzema and Kaka barely get to play ever since C. Ronaldo showed up. Oh well. I hope Real Madrid wins the Primera anyways.
8 years ago
Hey Thedreamteam(Chelsea), Benzema didn't do anything wrong. Raul like an idiot rammed into Benzema when the ball was going straight to Benzema.
Cool shoes, but I have never worn nike soccer shoes from before, I usually stick to adidas. Would be nice to try out.
What in the world is wrong with the Arsenal coach? Why does he always put in substitutes to begin and then substitute the starters in? If Arsenal want a shot at...
In my opinion, its the coach's fault they lost. What the hell was he thinking putting in Walcott and Rosisky instead of Nasri and Arshavin.
No offense, but Ramsey went in for the ball hard too, and I don't think it is Shawcross's fault because if you look at the video carefully, Showcross was trying...
FutureMUplayer(Manchester United)... Who ever said that Chelsea was unbeatable? They already lost 4 games. Chelsea is a good team and so is man u but Chelse...
By the way, the last 2 goals were scored with only 9 Algerian players on the field.
I can't believe people are saying Algeria got destroyed by Egypt. Maybe the score says that but Algeria didn't have 11 PLAYERS on the field the whole match. In...
For all you who think Egypt is MUCH better than Algeria, then think about this. Algeria beat Egypt 3-1 at home, and they played like they had to win. When Alger...
Bad sportsmanship from 2 players not the whole team. The match was completely even until Halliche got sent off and the ref cheated Algeria by giving Egypt th...
ManU has played 23 matches and Chelsea has played 21, therefore if Chelsea wins next 2 matches they will be 4 points ahead of ManU, right where they belong.
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