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Great game to watch, as a man u fan they made me proud in the second half, all they really needed was the injection of rooney, and obviously if we are to win ga...
5 years ago
Everyone saying liverpool deserve to win but liverpool suck.. its the unfortunate truth, their best player gerrard or suarez aren't even that good, i think roge...
Anyone else wondering why adebayor isn't playing? the guy is Always a threat and he plays great with Bale, defoe is consistent but i think ade ade is a top stri...
Respect to arsene wenger, he's a football genius!
Wow I actually felt bad for liverpool because it sucks to lose on a penalty, but seriously the comments people are leaving are hilarious. if you watch that play...
Maybe you'll understand that refs dont see everything. so both 'penalties' that gala could have got were very difficult to tell as they were challenges on 50/50...
Pretty much my thoughts on the goal and terry ^.
Hahaha this is the funniest comment i've ever seen on this website, and i have to agree wit it
Wow at 2nd penalty, awful call, i really hope we don't see more awarded like that this yr in the premier league. good to see lukaku score tho
One thing haters gotta think about is, when is the last time you said "wow that germany game was boring". perhaps it happens but i love watching germany play cu...
Arsenal looked pretty good to me, can't believe giroud missed that shot!
Nenenene-Neymar!! man i love watching brazil!
I was so pissed that germany wasnt in this final, but to see italy humiliated this way did make me smile... i have to say i thought italy played well(for awhile...
Good game from portugal, although the fact remains that to unseat a champion team like spain you have to go and TAKE it because they will not just give you the ...
Agree agree agree
Although I don't support portugal i hope they go through, they always play with lots of heart and character!
Agree but argentina defense not the best either
Yea that guy has a real edge to him, i like his game and he deserves to be on the team
Haha bendtner is always good for a laugh tho
Love brazil's new look! i'll always miss 'el phenomeno' tho
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