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I started following European football just after Eufa 2008, having spent the duration of it in Greece and Italy, watching Spain's victory with Spaniards, and later having noticed Barca in particular's unique style of play that at that time was still developing.

After heading to college, I knew I had to find a way back, and studied abroad for four months in Barcelona. Unable to stay home once my studies ended, I went back for another three weeks and was able to watch the most recent Champions League final at the Arc de Triunf con el resto de la gente de la ciutat. (Madrid?! Cabron! Saluda al campeon!)

I'll never forget the best 4-5 months of my life in the greatest city on the planet, learning what is meant to be a true cule and to love the Catalan culture, and I can't wait to return.

Som-hi tots!
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4 years ago
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Not sure if he's trolling or not, but 1:09 or 1:17 in the video link below (the 1:20 youtube clip) shows that not only was it clearly a backwards pass but also ...
5 years ago
Wigwam nominated D. Forlán (51') for Goal of the Week
Wigwam just Watched
Italy Vs. Japan
Michu costed 1/20 of what they paid for RVP, he's been more valuable and consistent for Swansea, and has just two less goals in the premiership. RVP is a bette...
As a Barcelona supporter I believe that Ozil is better. His touch is more precise, his dribbling is cleaner and more controlled, and his playmaking is second o...
While there's no doubting the quality of Barca's players, let's not forget two things: 1. This was a team of Barca secondary players; Thiago, Bartra, Montoya, ...
Ibra's goal disproves that.
Wilshere's up there too.
Respectfully disagree; even in the premiership I think he'd have gotten the first penalty - and the second if he hadn't gotten the first. Being outmuscled insi...
Brilliant performance by Ronaldo, but to those who've posted about who deserves/d the Balon d'Or; it comes down to a vote. It's not FIFA/UEFA's decision. Here...
Penalty just given in Madrid game for a foul outside the box. Defender didn't even step into box.
Have to agree with the guys above, aside from a few breakaways by Toure Madrid dominated throughout the match and had a ridiculous number of shots. The win is ...
So if Madrid loses El Clasico on the 7th of October....Barca wins the league? Will be interesting though to see how Madrid recovers for Man City. If the secon...
Well I think more based on reality is it was pretty well covered that Navas' reasons for staying at Sevilla were his out of his control (traumatizing homesickne...
Just want to say that "He's a striker, and all of his goals have been set up by Manchester United's team." applies for his time at Arsenal as well. (I mean, obv...
The first half was all Madrid. I've never seen them break down Barca's defense so easily, and their realization of the ability to do so led to a confidence tha...
The goal of Spain has a name, and that name is David Villa. - Pepe Reina
Somebody find the video of Messi pure hat tricking Arsenal and then working the whole defense for the fourth. Or just find the video of Bilbao teaching United ...
The young, impulsive, goal-oriented Tello has been replaced with a calmer, more mature, more dynamic player who can now cut left AND right and has vision. Almo...
First day on the job, I'm sure it'll take a bit of time for him to get used to the spotlight. Guardiola was stoic throughout his time as well, just hada few l...
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