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Hay whmermaid i like your talk and ur way in think oin football hope we be friends :)
6 years ago
I am so glad I started watching City play when they bought David Silva from Valencia and Yaya Toure from Barcelona. This season had amazing ups (and some sad do...
7 years ago
Happy that Dzeko finally got a league goal. And while I don't normally like to say anything negative about refs, I thought the ref today horrible.
O/ Partying tonight!!!! Soooooo glad that Johnson is back and that McGivern got to make his debut. Sad that Edin didn't get to play, but with a 5-0 result, I'...
Somewhere, a bridge is missing its troll >.>
@Sam- I totally agree. Unless he wises up, he can rot on the bench for all I care @Thecrowrip- I'm not just talking about today, I'm talking about his attitude...
I thought City played very well for being a man down. I was excited to see Adam back out on the field. Now, this might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't ca...
I thought De Jong played excellently today but Tevez seemed rather like a petulant child. I really wanted to see Dzeko play, but alas, maybe against United.
That was a very very frustrating game. Hopefully City can reverse it next week.
Yeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!! o/ That was a tension/nerve-wrecking filled 90 minutes. Although, I'm going to have to say the RVP 2nd yellow...
I started watching with such apprehension, but dear god, what a great game. I think I woke all of Seattle up with my excited screaming. Kuyt and Suarez had an a...
So after reading this Kolo Toure news (;____;), does anyone know when they'll test 'Sample B'? I hope it's a false positive. Also, does this mean we're down to ...
This is seriously like my footie fantasy dream. He hasn't had a good season at Barca and a few months ago I was hoping he'd go somewhere in the EPL during the J...
Excellent game! I'm so glad Silva got a goal. But the rarest thing happened today: Balotelli smiled. I think my jaw dropped when that happened.
Does anyone know why Silva was left off the squad today? Sometimes I feel like we run around with no purpose when he's not out there pulling strings :/ I can't...
Keita played so well today. I was apprehensive to watch as we were missing so many of our usual starters, but I was happily surprised with the results. And Busq...
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