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Hi thanks for accepting request!!! 2 cools for you and see you around :D
5 years ago
How bout that FC Lausanne Sport, eh? Thanks for telling me about this page, Alf. I may have to come back to footytube now. I'm really excited for this game. ...
6 years ago
Wes and Alf (hi! by the way :) ), TBS told me about the secret discussion forum you guys have, but I was going to suggest a feature to Matt to disable comments ...
Ya lately the Barca forum has been extremely underwhelming with all of the gloryhunters and lame debates. Some of us who miss the old Barca discussions are han...
Hey, thanks I appreciate that! Yeah I still use footytube for highlights and articles but, sadly, I've mostly left the forums. I don't know if you're familiar w...
Hey where have you been? I enjoyed your comments on the Barca forum, I wish you were around more often.
There's something about Iniesta's ball movement just before his assist for Messi's second goal that just blows my mind. He makes it look so effortless to glide ...
Messi took the free kick with the refs agreement. That's BeautifulMind's point. Whatchu talking bout Kristian?
10 points. Get it right ;)
Yeah F***** Up is awesome! I remember seeing F*** Buttons live too and thinking they were pretty good. Interesting to two very decent bands were included in thi...
But he's definitely used as as winger to move the ball from the midfield to a scoring position. He just doesn't usually end up being the supplier. Similar to Da...
Yeah he could have saved us, but the fact that we were not playing with heart would still remain.
Sure, it's possible that Villa could have made the right run to get us a goal but I don't think he has much to do with the problem with how we played today. We ...
Double post...
OP seems to be talking more about how Madrid can't seem to beat Barcelona than the tactics used or disgraceful acts in his reasoning for quitting being a "fan"....
Haha WOW! I didn't believe you til I saw his post... Surprises me the way he's continually defended them no matter what... Pretty interesting...
No congrats to Messi, EdTheFan?
Haha yeah I'll bet that was a mistake. Good luck.
My only complaint is that it isn't a full length film! That was wonderful
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