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Yes he's on his way out , he said that already, 2017.. Unless he resigns, this f*****g clueless board won't sack him. So, we will habe to endure him till 2017.....
2 weeks ago
A lucky draw against bottom club newcastle, a very very lucky lucky win against Liverpool, and a f*****g loss to southampton at home after breaking another reco...
LVG is deluded as he comes out and says we are title contenders,even with performances like this but the f*****g board is deluded even more thinking that this t...
Sack this con man already, dragged the club to a new low...11 f*****g goalless half in a row...f**k!!!!
How we've fallen. . From , can Manchester United score? they always score, to can Manchester United score? Are u kidding?? They can't even get a shot on targe...
If De Gea keeps making those great saves ,day in day out and keeps saving our asses all the time, Madrid will come calling again very soon. Last time we convinc...
Van Gaal is here to stay. Free pass until the end of season.
It's always been our most anticipated fixture whenever we play Liverpool. Always had the excitement factor. But right now I am yawning. what have you done LVG??...
We are not getting anywhere with this man at helm..Get rid of this man and his philosophy asap. what a dull performance so far. liverpool gets one little break,...
SIF mentioned down below that we had no choice other than playing a tired and fatigued Mike Schmalling because of lack of depth in CB department.Now the questio...
3 weeks ago
3-5-2 , just does't work...how many times does he try the same fail plan again n again?? talk about stubbornness!!!
1 month ago
Just sack him already.
The board likes the philosophy of LVG, sit on his ass and do nothing.
How come a man who is making the whole stadium yawn still in charge??? sack him already!!!
Doesn't look like we are going to score from anywhere.
Happy new year brothers, from Australia...
Nice plan.Kick your most clinical striker to a league and try to get a striker from the same league who has scored 1/3 of the goals that your former striker has...
He's been spotted with the team at the team hotel, Lowry.
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDAkmRkbVNI MNF ,perfect analysis, hit the nail right on the head. What we've been doing wrong,and why our attacking sucks.
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgO_D85FFFE This one is funny as hell, " I'm not leaving"
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