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Those who hates and bitches about my club...also pretenders ,liars and kiss assers...
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Moyes's birthday is on Friday. I feel more sorry for the man.
1 hour ago
But you only approach another manager, if you know you are going to sack your current manager. As soon as they knew that our only chance to be in champions lea...
2 hours ago
The dutch media claims that the 2 Glazer brothers flew to Portugal to meet Van Gaal, 11 days ago. So,that means Moyes's fate was already decided right after w...
3 hours ago
The old Manchester United was long gone when Cleverly made that back pass instead of us attacking like the old us in the injury time and giving it all.
So,that is almost sure that we will see very less of Kagawa and januzaj then. Talking about workrate, Mata was let go by Mou for not working hard enough and dri...
After leaving Bayern, this guy Van Gaal went on to win the Dutch league with a midtable side AZ Alkamaar, which is quite and an achievement. With the players a...
4 hours ago
Hopefully, now, we will win some Kloops next year. ;)
But unlike Moyes, he probably won't get the chop, as he is bringing money to the club. As long as he does that, those money greedy bastard Glazers don't care w...
You are good man Lfc140812.
I think another reason for his downfall was, he was too soft to the players. SAF never bowed down in front of any player's tantrum, whether it was Stam, Beckham...
MUFC1990, well said bro.
I hope he renews his career somewhere else like in Holland or Germany, just like Steve McLaren. He will now be judged in England no matter what club he takes on...
Wow. I wanted him gone, for the better of the club.But now since he's gone, I feel really awful and sorry for him. Apart from a football manager, he's a normal...
Our rival fans will miss him more than us for sure.
If Moyes can break all sort of wrong records, why can't the club do the same, by sacking the manager?
One of the comments I found on espnsoccernet, " I believe that this kind of long-term strategy only works when the club has not much to lose and is willing to...
Go to real madrid's page...16 mins highlights with english commentary.
6 days ago
They can't buy any new players.Why would they sell players to anyone and deplete an already depleted squad?
1 week ago
Let him say what he wants, let him manage how he wants to manage a club. Why do we have to get butthurt? It's none of our business.
Isn't this an old news? It was already in the news couple of months ago. As we all thought , Kroos might be joining us and that's why Rode was bought as his rep...
1 month ago
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