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Manchester united and everything related to it
Those who hates and bitches about my club...also pretenders ,liars and kiss assers...
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If u r not a manc, u r a wank....
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Case closed now.
What is Evra doing with Woodie every match?? Teaching him Frech for Zidane's arrival, lol.
If he says something, you have to agree, or else you all are negative and talking full of crap.
I never mentioned it was a defensive sub, but that injury claim was just hilarious.
9 games in charge for f**k sake mate, what do you expect??? You don't build a title winning side within 9 games in charge. Man city who broke all record in th...
Ok, then if you said it, must be true. Case closed. I wasn't implying to defensive sub, but I cracked up in laughter when you said martial was injured.
Because of one brainless moron, whole Chelsea is disgrace?? ok.
So they gave the match to us on plate. Here , we have won the league, so you go take the win.. @Bazinga, he doesn't understand that you guys are work in progre...
You just said Martial got injured and was taken off, that's bull crap
No need to be, just be realistic. We do not want to be infected by your superstitions.
We always outplay any team when we start pressing n playing aggressively.We completely outplayed Man city in that comeback win , so you are saying Man city is o...
Someone is too high on positivity, starts seeing things now ..
Done or not, that's what the reality is n dont forget this Chelsea side is a work in progress and yet they are first. 9 games in charge and his side is top of t...
Top of the league, and they are ok. Ok. I would love to see my team be ok
Jose secretly sent him a text that he was injured.
F**k yeah.....Martial
What a pessimistic football.Don't know what we are going to achieve by keeping Mourinho. s**t football, no top 4 , yet we keep him. Makes no sense
Sit back more and we will win the game
Why are we not considering Jardim at all? Fine,his team is in 18th at the moment , but so did Jurgen Klopp when he left Dortmund. Jardim had his whole team pluc...
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