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Manchester united and everything related to it
Those who hates and bitches about my club...also pretenders ,liars and kiss assers...
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If u r not a manc, u r a wank....
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You don't read very well,do you?? I said compared to last year.
2 months ago
"Stopped regressing" in terms of points and standing as compared to last year, but have certainly regressed in terms of quality of football that we play now. Ou...
Lol what the f**k happened. I went to bed at 3 am, watching that utter s**t first half, not bothering for the second and woke up to 3-2 win. f**k yeah....what ...
No Tomi,the team needs a coach who can let these attacking players attack not defend.
And Liverpool made them had no shots on goal all game last match.
Get your popcorns ready and hear Jose coming out with his Always blame someone else 101.
I hope the board will have a hard thinking following the embarrassment today and the further agony of providing them with the guard of honour. SAF would have k...
1 fluke win against Liverpool and he reckons it's gonna work every other game. f*****g dinosaur. He is still living in the past and is in denial that footbal...
Difference between football and hoofball. The team playing football is winning and will be provided a guard of honour by us. f*****g embarassing!!!
Team is full of attackers, team wants to attack. Mourinho shuts everyone down and keep using his stone age defensive tactics. Look at how football is played Mo...
Isn't that almost every games these days?? Mourinho gets lucky once a while like the Liverpool game and uses the same old crap fluke tactics against every other...
Mourinho and his backward tactics. We will always play second fiddle to top teams in Europe. Never can match their level with our current style of play.
Great Great performance.. Hats off!!! When Keita finally joins you guys next year, your team will be unplaybale.
It might be a surprise to you, but I watch all our matches,been doing that for last 2 decades. Played out of position, tied down to defensive duties, not backe...
@Cjay don't question Jose, we are not allowed to. We have to blindfold our eyes and believe and agree whatever he says or does.If we disagree we are plastic fan...
Lol,it's so funny that some people believe that Pogba is out of form and Jose is right to treat him like that. He plays for France, scores a brilliant free kick...
I really hate it when people compare Zlatan to God. C'mon, he's great but not Zlatan. #Thanks for the memories Zlatan and thank you for playing for us. One o...
3 months ago
FA Premier League (3): 1997–98, 2001–02, 2003–04 FA Cup (7): 1997–98, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2004–05, 2013–14, 2014-15, 2016-17 FA Community Shield (...
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