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Haha SA I feel the same way
10 hours ago
His presence in the team is enough
1 day ago
Bayern is getting bodied, didn't see that coming...at least not in the Bundesliga :P
I guess Turin will be next :P
White, a man of many names Welcome back friend :D
2 days ago
The way Messi lifted the ball into the box for Alba, Ronaldo would've been drooling thinking of about the possibility
Considering the way Alba and Alves play sometimes, Cuadrado isn't all that far off Theo :P
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5 in 3 at the Calderon? Is this accurate? I remember a few Neymar goals but I thought all were at Nou Camp
3 days ago
Its practically in Brazilian blood to be a bit of a show off :P
Sevilla tho
THe truth has been spoken :P
Never have doubt Unread, we have been displaying some sexy football recently :P
Agreed it was silly and action needs to be taken
Haha this game is f*****g hilarious
I love Valdes, but it cannot be denied Valdes has his share of...moments
Especially with mistakes like that god awful pass late last half, definitely reminds me of Valdes :P
LOL it isnt the simple, you make it seem so easy to just give the ball to Atleti. I mean did you forget they can just kick it back? Atleti came into the game on...
Messi+neymar duo is like the greatest thing ever. Suarez just needs to get the ball rolling...or at leas tin the back of the net
Nah I find this game comedic to watch, keep the teams the same
Better than Punching them amirite?
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5 months ago
Weegeez updated his profile
7 months ago
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10 months ago
Weegeez nominated Tello (78') for Goal of the Week
11 months ago
Weegeez nominated Gabi (45') for Goal of the Week
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