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2011 CL semi vs Real is by far my favorite, he just ripped Madrid apart int he most majestic way :D Aside form that he has a pretty sweet goal again Milan a c...
6 hours ago
Messi is such an incomplete player, he can't score with both his feet :P
16 hours ago
He's not too bad, I thought he was pretty good today. But both Rafiha and Sergi Roberto have nothing on Thiago :(
17 hours ago
Rafinha was too impatient there, he was playing pretty well too. Still a lot of learning to do
Next up, top of Argentina :D
He's a better RB than Alves
If only we promoted our youth players more these last few years...
The greatest ever playing at his best :) Great from our other forwards too, all we need is for Suarez to get back to his scoring self and our front line is look...
3 days ago
Was he ever gone?
Nah I still tip it to Argentina to win the Copa. If Tata can gel the team up, they are clear favorites. THeir squad is easily the best in South America
1 week ago
Too bad Barca's staff don't
HOpefully he gets over his Arsenal level injury proneness. Somehow I doubt it...
Lol isn't Ronaldo like 30 almost? Investing for our future I see
Bartra at RB? We are lacking in CBs as it is. Do you want Pique to start playing again too?
Our midfield's biggest issue is I feel the CMs play too far wide. It leave Busi with more work that he doesnt have the strength or speed to cope with. This is p...
Sounds like BS to me
2 weeks ago
That...really sucks for the club if they can't play for La Liga. La Liga is gonna suffer greatly in terms of revenue if they let Barca go considering almost all...
Glad to hear he's making a comeback soon. Can't wait to see him playing again and maybe break into the National team...who am I kidding, nobody EVER breaks into...
FInally some other teams feel our pain
But with Mathieu out Masch has to be in CB. Unless you want us to play with Pique at the back again...
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