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Ozil on the wings means no defensive support for your fullbacks :P
2 hours ago
Didnt Pep lose a Super Copa match? Maybe that was Tito...
I think Bayern will win 2-1 and Madrid go on with Away goals.At least I hope the more distracted Real and Atleti are with CL, the slightly better chances we hav...
Congrats on the victory. Im still hoping for an all Madrid final!
9 hours ago
TBH, I don;t really give a damn who wins, Im just glad this game doesn't suck like yesterday's did
10 hours ago
Di Maria should've scored, Alaba left him completely unmarked, poor defending. To think People say Alaba is much better than Alba in defense
WOrst game I've seen since the 2012 CL :P
1 day ago
He seems to be using both
Yeah, AMP>MAP, shoulda thought of that sooner. Still got MVP on the mind :P
2 days ago
Nice to see more Alexis and Pedro. MAP ftw
3 days ago
I just want to see Masch far away from that CB position. Wouldn't mind seeing him play in midfield regularly of course
I wouldn't mind playing Masch playing as the DM...but if Song would play CB instead for that to happen, that wouldn't be wise. But seriously Masch needs to play...
4 days ago
Seeing as it is still possible to win La Liga, there is never a reason to give up. If Atleti and Real slip up due to fixture congestion or whatnot, that blows e...
Atleti, no matter what happens from this point on, has already won the hearts of all the neutral supporters I'm sure. They know that their squad isn't regarded ...
Nononono Alfrodo. Obviously the key to success is MORE CROSSES
I might get some crap from my fellow Barca supporters, but I must say I hate seeing Neymar playing for us. He hasnt been performing the way he was expected and ...
6 days ago
Its amazing how Messi came off an amazing game against Madrid a couple weeks back to 4-5 games straight of poor performances
Cesc needs to play in place of Xavi here and there too though. Xavi is too old to be overworked as good as he is..god I miss Thiago
^Someone's gotta play Tiki Taka if Barca aren't :P
THey really don't seem to have one of yet, maybe some day, but if Messi continues to walk around the pitch and Neymar continues to miss golden opportunities, it...
1 week ago
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