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Plus, one would think your opinion isnt worth considering anyway. Because of your avatar.
Maybe Weidenfeller could have acted smarter. But Bender really isnt the type of guy to overact.
Really, thats whats bothering you? I was more worried about broken noses damaged by ramos' elbows.
Couldnt agree more.
"The first half was dominated by Real" Did you watch this on your Playstation? First half both teams were equal, but Real surely didnt dominate.
It has been a common chant in Dortmund for years now. I respect it's Liverpool origin though.
Calm down people. enjoy, dont hate.
Exactly what I thought ^^
It's nice to see who is a real barca fan these days, keep it up
Wouldnt bet on that
Bayern rubbish? Come on fanboys, get your s**t right!
Poor first touch, otherwise he should have scored for sure
Congratulations Ilhanner, you have just been disqualified for being taken serious!
Ok, let me correct my statement: I found it "great" as it was somehow "thrilling" (to me). Does that go with you? Furthermore I adressed both of you, so I thin...
Being a bit more objective wouldn't hurt any of you. Btw: Assuming you watched the match against Valencia, you will know it wasn't just "a win by penalties" bu...
"German league is weak anyways" Yes, we see that in this year's UCL. Delete corruption and racism in Italy, build up financially stable clubs and put some peop...
I give credit, but still Valdez remains average (on a high level though)
Yeah, thought so too
Exactly what I always enjoy about England (and their fans) :D
Sure youre on the right page?
Weasel11 nominated M. Mandžukić (36') for Goal of the Week
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