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Everything that's associated with The Albion! even the cleaners and the temporary match day stewards...
oh and footytube.com
There a species known as 'Wolves fans', you can find these rare creatures searching through your bins disguised as Doritos packets. They respond to names such as; Dingles, Tatters and 'immature losers who when ever they witness a win or draw against the baggies end up making a DVD about it because they have nothing else to be proud of...
Just for Fun (Goalkeeper) FC Trojan
I'm one of the most passionate football fans you will ever come across...
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5 years ago
Less we forget A. Young...
Johnson didn't win the ball...
Hey Mate , please be more active on WBA footy home page!
And your a scouse...
6 years ago
I've just watched that RedMenTV and I've noticed everyones saying Liverpool have been unlucky this season... Karma, bitches! you possess a club of racists, a wo...
2cool votes for you mate!!!!!!
Wheres laurent robert at these days?
Norwich City I don't ask for much... Please beat Wolves on Tuesday... it would really make my Christmas!
Up and cummin youngster... another dorrans? maybe... only problem is that (i'm aware of) is his greed for money... then again if he feels hes gonna be worth his...
Lavender - go support your local team you scouse wannabe knob
I was plannin goin to wolves and taking a s**t on the pitch but then i realised the molineux is full of it!
Hahaa! inbred? you bunch of scousers shouldnt be classed as human Lkerun instead of checking on how albion are doing why dont you look outside and see if you ca...
I HATE THE FACT it looks like liverpools kit!
I put me head in my hands when that ball went in, even at first I knew it wasn't offside. We got very lucky with decision... mind you weve been in need of a lit...
Im always going to be against Liverpool so here it goes -inhale- blatant red card what you scousers going on about it was a fair tackle? he blatantly caught t...
''every time pool qualifies for champs league they have a bigger chance than you'' lol...
A few years ago we lost 1-0 at home to Wimbledon... that was a bad day...
No way we deserved the win
I've just been accused of pushing someone over a mile away from me. Must be Luis Suarez trying to claim another penalty again.
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