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Quality football with focus on attacking and creativity...hot chicks and good beer...warm weather...a fresh pair of kicks...hip hop, reggae, blues and classic rock...peace and quiet!
Obnoxious people...Chelsea FC...nuff said!
26 years old living in D.C. ... football is my passion and there really is no need for much else although I enjoy the occasional live show and love putting in a quality round of golf on a nice day
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#2 sounds good and simple, but unless you have marathon runners across the field, Barca runs you ragged with their movement and passing...everytime teams try to...
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
The players still have to go out and win trophies...perhaps financial revision needs to take place within Europe, especially in Spain, but who doesn't love to s...
@MadeinRU Ronaldo on a mediocre side with the likes of Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Lucio, Gilberto Silva, Denilson? That does not seem like an av...
No point of trying to bring reason to these cynical, petty fans...true football fans understand the importance of Wenger's greatness to not only Arsenal footbal...
Relax dude it's 3 games into the season...they played against the reigning EPL champions with 8 regular starters out of the line-up and within 1 week they lost ...
Like Pep said last season, Barca have 20 Jack Wilshires in their academy and Cesc was one of them returning home...I love the Arsenal, but let's not get carried...
Hey man I support quality football and both Barca and Arsenal attempt to play...Chelsea are quality, but just like Madrid and Inter in the past they have adjust...
Still a little bitter about Iniesta's goal 3 years back?...keep trying to buy your way to Barca's class just like Real tried to do...Viva Barca...Mes que un clu...
Would be nice to see Riquelme in this team so Messi could play further up the field and not have to drop back so deep all the time...similar to Xavi at Barca, R...
Yea, he's done well there...the goal against Liverpool was a big one two years ago keeping them in the league
8 years ago
That's right...played college with Dempsey and it's good to see him finally showing that attacking creativity he's been lacking since moving to England...happy ...
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