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Barce9910 you're awesome. you live in a different world, lol It's not Barcelona love, its called cockiness
6 years ago
Hey Fabby, get a new profile picture and account please :)
Dudes like him dont know nothing about football. just stats lol
Same reason why you support Arsenal when you know aren't capable of winning a trophy..
Umm I'm a Barca fan but after reading this dude's first pick, and his description of Casillas I stopped reading lol rubbish.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Moses, Jesus, Does Mohammaed even know to play footy? We aint we going after himmmmmmmmmmmmm
Bolton stand loud and proud mid table in the EPL because of a Bolton based owner. They werent bought out by Americans. To me clubs like liverpool, chelsea, city...
7 years ago
Lol..yeah. they love our academy dont they
I get you, sorry for going off lol
Before you talk about our training academy dont forget that Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, Puyol, Pique also came out of there. If Pedro and Busquets are play acting how...
Its so annoying how you guys always hate on other leagues and find ways to start a conversation about your 'amazing' league. Honestly, talk about El Clasico her...
Stoke, the butchers of EPL? you must be kidding lol
We paid the price and didn't go through. Get over it
Stark was a Barca fan since birth. It was meant to be...
I agree, he caught kicked his foot with studs but he fully intended to get the ball. Straight red was too harsh
Look Giggs is awesome and a United legend but dont EVER compare him to Messi lol
Barca were play acting, alright. You guys did it too? wtf seems to be the problem...the way this madrid has played this season they deserve it. Ramos almost kil...
He is not a fan. Most madridistas will agree.
Against Chelsea 08/09. We scored a goal too. Mou tells Madrid to play dirty. His tactics are based on such play. He knows players are going to get booked so he ...
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