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U cant play welll with that pitch..horrible...but henry is truly legend...congratz arsenal...
6 years ago
Brilliant by ji...
Tevez'stories is longer than the game highlights...
A very tough time for arsenal..if they dont bounce..they will be in deep misery
Van persie is not playing well..barton should not provoke gervinho...why he is doing that?...
Kun aguero scored in the first game right?
Haha..barca reputation has been ruined badly from real madrid match...yeah,i respect barca for their tika taka style,beautiful football...but i guess,they do no...
7 years ago
@enimatek..u are talking nonsense...
@Cedrige, thanks for that..u shouldnt be very sad..indeed,ur team is a big threat next season with kenny dalglish as ur manager..gonna be a very though season a...
What a shaky performance...his mitake is very costly
The other team has to pay for hundreds millions but still their achievement is very low compared to us..
Yes...we won the 19th..this season is very meaningful..yeah,we won premier leaque with ronaldo,but it was a one man show..same as last year..but this season..as...
Park-valencia..and nani can come as sub depending on the situation of the game..
The only thing that make me sad is our lost to man city at fa cup semifinal..the rest is joy..haha,we are the champion...hernandez is great..he has the ability ...
Whats wrong with gomez..
Very strong at home..but dissappointing at away game..i will always have a bad feeling when united play at away game..hpe this wont continue anymore..
Its ok,u can say everything and complaining..maybe the only fans who dont hate united is united fan itself...
The fan of man utd will not behave like this...u are not man utd supporters..why would u pretend to be unitd fan?..shame on you asif5th
Thanks for adding me as ur friends..i am from Malaysia...glory2 man united..=)
Man united makes me feel very happy...im proud to be one of man united fans...the whole team did very well to win this crucial game...=)
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