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Rooney can stay in dubai!!!!!
7 years ago
Id swap the entire current united squad for the 99 side + cantona. the football was awesome, played with character and determination. that season defined what u...
I doubted nani for years. fair play to him! ronalwho?
If chelsea win the title, id be happy to concede that they deserved it. some of the touches were sublime, an absolute pleasure to wacht. a far cry from the dour...
8 years ago
Loved cappello's face after crouch scored the third. its like f**k. iv gota pick him!
Crouch has to go to the world cup. how can you argue with that scoring record?!!!
How can you go into a head on tackle without your "cleats" up? have you ever played yourself? while id never wish an injury like eduardo's on anybody, its a con...
Top notch read! cant wait for the world cup now!!!!
Toally agree with what hanson and dickson say at the end of the vid. 10years ago, and still now on football parks every sunday, tackles like nani's will be take...
Totally agree with your last comment there. Terry has been the best most natural leader England has had since alan shearer. wether he deserved to be sacked as c...
On that form terry will be lucky to go to the world cup. shocker! well done everton though. ALL HAIL KING LOUIS!
I think nani has finally learnt how to cross!!!!! thank the lord!!!!!
Nobody will or can replace ronaldo, i think its more a case nani emerging from ronaldos shadow.
That was oone of the most exciting games iv seen for a while! good to hear old trafford nice and loud again! i thin kbellamy getting coined kinda ruined it abit...
The brum played well, but if you united had taken theyre chances it would have been a different story. the defence was a panicky mess again though! sort it out!
But how good were piquie and rossi? obviously good enough for euroope, but were they that special?
I agree with send in the yougsters, but theres no point if they arent good enough. sure they are "GOOD" but united needs exceptional. i think the last truly ex...
Eeerrrrm., who said diouf is coming to united? surely not!
Is that why you all hate manchester united? lol! but seriously, i think its the character of ronaldo that people hate. four goals where scored by madrid and no...
10 clean sheets would suggest that you guys dont have to much to worry about.
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