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Spaletti (Danijel Spasic)
StrikersMT28 (Brendan Herron) from Zoo Town, USA
Given that I don't have any soccer channels on my tele, I resort to footytube for my highlights. I love to play, too, and for America, the Northwest is, by far, the best football ...
Theshid (Rachid Insa) from Montréal, Canada
I started supporting liverpool when i was like 9 firstly because of the colour of the jersey which was favorite colour lol but with time i learned the mentality and the culture of ...
Yamsy (Jason Lee Yuen) from Hong Kong, China
Used to come on footytube everyday and was a powerhouse in the early days, but I rarely go on now. Im from Hong Kong. Going to Sevenoaks to study. I hugely support Liverpool. F ...
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