Vitaminjc hopes Arsenal can fill Fab's shoes
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My goodness, I truly hope Ramsey is so stoic because of sportsmanship vs his old club. He almost looks angry after scoring. Perhaps that's just the face that ...
4 years ago
5 years ago
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No kidding.
7 years ago
Well said.
8 years ago
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I think it's possible in 2014...They looked sharp as heck two nights ago against ISL(no goals but still looked very organised). Unfortunatley I think Mexico wi...
Arsenal, England, Dallas Cowboys, Sol Campbell. Who's with me!!!!?
That's a big if, or is it? Scottie, holy crap! I just got that! LMAO!!!!!
Hilarious guys. Tony, how'd you know I like skittles, eh, uh,beer too! I never really liked Newcastle though....brown ale that is...
Can I get a STAFF symbol next to my PRO+ symbol? You don't have to pay me.
All very good points rediscott but I will always feel that he is overated. I actually like him. I never said I didn't.
Helluva blog post. I just don't think of Beckham as a great. He is great, but that's different than being 'a great'. I agree that he will be remembered foreve...
I'm excited about going to see USA vs El Salvador on the 24th! I haven't been to an international match in about five years. This ought to be fun.
Hey! Thanks for the cool votes! I hitchya right back.
Good call Cha014
Don't know how it is you don't have any fan trait votes yet, but Gave a couple cool to get ya started. Cheers!
Nine months and not a single Vicenza Calcio fan on footytube besides me?
..And what-do-ya-know, news of Campbell coming back to the Gunners, and now Phillipe Senderos wants a transfer out. I'm wondering why he hasn't had very much i...
"the best thing about this loan is the fact that he has the opportunity to play against many of the players he will be facing in Africa" - Mauijim I 100% agr...
Sky sports says Sol Campbell to rejoin Arsenal. This could be good, considering some of the holes in the Gunners defence. Not like Wenger to resing a player t...
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