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What's so funny..he said alex manninger..tht's the guy's's not the n*** word..
8 years ago
Guess he is..
@lincon: man you are a sore looser...get over it point trying to come up with reasons for chelsea's win..they played well over the entire season and s...
For that first they have to qualify for the group stage..
"Arsenal aren't going to be in the top 4 next year" haha..hope your 35yrs+ chelsea squad will be there
In 2004-2005 when everton was fourth
Naa..they were all good mate..
Ya..great win for have to play in the europa league with all their millions
What abt the 30000 supporters in Anfield..u think the team doesn't care abt them..the players are professionals and they always try to win..sometimes it just do...
Relax man..liverpool had an off happens everytime in football
That was funny..especially rafa's imitation
7th means they still go to europa league qualifications unless fulham win it in which case they will go to europa league..and then liverpool will have no europe...
Arsenal(3rd place team) go directly into the group stage..only the 4th place team goes to the qualification rounds
It's just the top 4 for champs league..1st 2nd 3rd straight and 4th go through to the qualifying round..5th place goes into europa league..not cl
All that counts is goals madman..if Barca can't get goals against a 10 man Inter that's bad for Barca..and a defensive style of play is not cowardice..they did ...
Well it's the 2nd and 3rd teams actually..not the top 2 teams
Ya mate..balotelli was just walking around the field when everyone else was back defending or marking..he needs to improve his work rate definitely
Great win for Inter..3-1 against
Great game..go that title for all the fans
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