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Xavi is 30 and still rated as one of the best midfielders, if not the best and Iniesta is 26. They aren't that old. Iniesta is injury prone, but if I were Fabre...
7 years ago
I think this is most definitely a factor in why they decided to get Villa. Yes Villa on his own is a great player and they need someone to replace Henry, but if...
In the sense that they are just pouring money into their team, yes. However that's about where the similarities end for me. They have an insane amount of money ...
Your arguing is no match for my swan technique.
This'll be me with your wife later tonight Fergie.
It is essential to ensure the trout is dead before placing it in your pants.
You're still here? Hahahaha...
No, scissors beat rock, because they are my super special scissors.
Moments before Mourinho had his head removed in one of the stongest punches ever seen. Look at that wind up!
Human croquet was a strange new addition to the training regimen at Liverpool.
And so the hazing process at Liverpool begins.
Cesc made it back from Africa with 37 pounds of Cystal Meth!
A Africa? But there aren't any tigers in Africa.
Webb: And the winner of Vuvezla Idol is..........Sneijder!
You have something in your teeth. Here let me get that for you.
American History X brought to you by FIFA.
The Germans don't like anyone doing the YMCA.
Everybody Conga!!!!
This is no time for Whose Line is it Anyway games. For those who haven't seen it:
Dude, is that a tramp stamp?
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