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Mt1234 (Dougie Freedman) from The Reebok
Born in Burnden Park. "When I am asked for a photo or an autograph I'm embarrassed because I'm shy. I am no more important than a bricklayer by being a footballer." - Juan Carlo ...
NouCampHero (Cocaine Biceps) from Gilbert, United States
Die-hard Barca fan..what else can you be???? duh haha
RajaSuper (Melvin)
Saadbutt (Saad Arjmand Butt)
Senssie (Aleksi Siltanen)
Shuds (Sudarshan) from Chennai, India
SIMPLYGODS (Santiago) from Rohan, Middle Earth
and Ecuador
I am a FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Manchester City FC, Barcelona SC, Boca Jr, FC Schalke 04 fan and of course for national im a fan of Ecuador, Argentina, Ghana and Ukraine...if you do ...
SKool (Shirish K) from Bangkok, Thailand
Arsenal and
Nepali, Canadian, and Thai. 3 in 1. Currently studying Computer Engineering, 3nd year student. Life of an engineer is as hard as it can get, but the rewards are so satisfying, i ...
Soccerstud1 (Daniel Contreras) from San Diego, USA
I am a hard worker, and I have always believed that you can accomplish anything in life as long as you give it a 110%. No Pain, No Gain. FC Barcelona is the prime example to my mot ...
Tanmay (Tanmay)
I love to play football on the streets or on the field :) I find its the most relaxing part of the day :) Always do it before and after school with my self of my mates. I hate it w ...
and Spain
If you add me as a friend, and I do not reciprocate, please do not be offended. I have started to deny all friend requests unless I frequently talk with you on footytube
Threkstari (Threk Stari) Netherlands
Things by me: -15 FAQs that are related to the board (link: http://arseway.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/15-faqs-that-are-related-to-the-board/ ) 2012-Jan-12 -A decade of profits ...
Tifoosi (Aria Ghoreyshi) from Dubai
Coach Analiser
XcaLaDE214 (Raiyan Saliddin)
NATIONAL TEAM: 1. Argentina CLUBS: 1. BARCELONA (Spain, CL and overall) 2. AC MILAN (Italy) 3. MANCHESTER CITY (England) About me: Sim ...
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