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Absolutely Mharis. The ref was s**t, for both teams. But Barça would have had a 2-0 in the first half. I was at Camp Nou, and it was so so clear from where i w...
What they should for once and for all is to adapt hawk eye from tennis. Each team gets three chances in a game. If there's somehing like a goal or a penalty you...
I think it was offside...i also think there was an offside which wasn't when Pedro scored and was not given, a penalty in the Getafe area, handball, also two re...
I'm so happy with this FCB. Rayo played awesome, those who watched the entire match will know what i'm talking about. We held on to the really good attacks from...
I guess you are missing the little details. Xavi sets up Neymar for the assist on Pedro on the third goal and also sees Fabregas and sets him up for the fourth....
Absolutely right, Busquets was just awfull yesterday, Xavi was slow, not sure we deserved to go through...and also agree, we won't go any further playing like t...
5 years ago
I hate him, but he's no goal hanger. He's pretty awesome, he's fast, he has technique, and a powerful shot. He's also a w***er, but that doesn't make him less o...
There is no technology because they want to keep controling the matches. Everything in this world works around money, unfortunetly, UEFA is no different. Malaga...
I always go there for highlights! REally good sight
Unlucky mate
Good on your brother, it's not always easy to accept something you've denied for a long time...
Pazzini was injured i beleieve
The players were awesome, but we must give a lot of credit to the manager and his staff. They were brave, Villa on from the start as centre striker, and the fou...
Second Madrid goal is awesome. Not happy about Madrid's win, but hey, it's their time again. Well done
Having already scored... that's a very poor are winning, you're playing brilliantly, there's no need to stain such a performance. Shame...but anyway...
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