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So 5 cars are stopped, the black guy has to pay a fine on the spot, the muslim guy faces jail time and the three white guys are let go? It doesn't take a geniu...
Totti, my favourite player of all time! I don't know what we would do without you man! RESPECT
Diouf can still play in the EPL
Ray Hudson is a former Newcastle player. It was weird at first but once you get used to him, you see that he's a great commentator
Come onnnnnnn Canada!
Seriously Lloris on the bench and Adebayor not on the 18?
Pique was mesmerized!
What's wrong with Beckam?
I hope they keep Balotteli, . He's dumb but without him there is no title! There was a month when he was the only one scoring and getting points!
6 years ago
94ieme minuuuuuuuuuuuute 38ieme journeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Wow not a lota love between terry and gerard!
If you think Torres will start over Drogba just because he had 3 goals in a 6-1 win against QPR, you're crazy! Drogba is just better right now. And no! They can...
Seriously? he won't even start! lol
Fereira is still on the team? haahaha
Cool story bro
Demba ba must not be happy right now! Now we all know he was not special but the Cabaye passes were. lol He's still playing well though! :)
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