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I can even put up with Arsenal....but Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester way
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We are scre*ed this season....No Chemistry whatsoever. Its hard for us to win this time...I know truth sucks
4 years ago
5 years ago
If Rafa joins Luis, adios amigos to the championship.... May be they can win there...
Gunner board must be made of one Helluva Morons to let him and Cesc go... Nasri and Abe are a different story...
Vananth gave the Manchester United v Aston Villa video a rating of 5
Vananth gave the Manchester United v Norwich City video a rating of 5
Vananth gave the Manchester United v Reading video a rating of 5
A typical Barca fan
Vananth gave the Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion video a rating of 1
Vananth gave the Manchester United v Everton video a rating of 5
Even the 19 yr old Birmingham Goalie doesn't want to come to CFC.. what the heck is happening here...
Its late in the Premiership season....As usual Wigan are staging a comeback to their fav 17th spot....
Keep cribbing Scousers
We don't quit..... we fu**ing never....... call that luck or whatever.... we will score when we want.... at 90+1 even..
Britannica is a fortress.... and it still remains un-breached.... I only wish Man old trafford to be the same...
Theo to Manchester United.... you get Nani in return... ha ha ha
Going to sue our own club.....dammit... I am getting serious Cardiac problems this season thru the way they play ... They gotta pay my medical bills if any...
They ain't restarting anything mate..... not anymore... :-)
Look who is talking about disgraceful.....ha ha ha
Do all the United Haters - would you f****** dare talk about the REFs if we had lost today..... I would say both teams deserved a point... but for sure our forw...
Ruthless defence - hard working midfield... moreover they have little to lose and a lot to gain..... Thats Potters in EPL
The name Balotelli45 says it all....
6 years ago
Tevez over Rooney... ha ha ha...... If Wenger is replaced by Mancini soon, you might have Super Mario and Tevez playing at Emirates soon...Oh I forgot.. in the ...
Even henry's statue would play better than Chamakh or Arshavin.... I hope Arsene sells them before they take you to Championship and buys a player or two like o...
To all those ******** united haters, we devils will keep ourselves pushing whether you ******* like it or not... We don't harass the refs like RM or Barca does....
Its must be Carlo..but I wonder if he's got a do-do....... lol
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