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Bjarni10 (Bjarni Erlingur)
Used to play for my hometown team Þróttur or Trottur. Retired at the age of 17 lol.
BlackSun (Michael)
Hello and welcome to my channel! I am from Canada and I really love football. I have supported the Arsenal since I was 12 years old. Through the years football, and Arsenal, have b ...
Boblic (Sofia Okashina)
Burmanp (Pe Hawke) from Notts
ChelseAAA (NyamaA) from Bichil, Mongolia
Favourite players Lampard, Inesta, Terry, Nasri, David Villa, Van der Vaart, Walcott, Owen Chelsea buhnii terguund, uragshaa!!!
Chelseamantevin (Tevin Mohammed)
Crunchy13 (Jesse) from Dana Point, USA
Live for the game. I play on the weekends in a very competitive league in California. If you have FIFA 12 hit me up on Xbox Live @ Crunchy949
DannySPARTA (Daniel Moravec) CZ
I ♥ Football
DeamC (Deam)
DEFENDtheBRIDGE (Dave Greene) from Chicago, USA
Living in Chicago after moving away from home in Boston. Spent a dream summer working in the UK for Southend United. I am always keeping track of the headlines overseas and try to ...
Devagon (Courtney Smith) from Santa Cruz, Jamaica
Drogbalampard (Legend)
DutchReds (The Dutch Reds)
I was born and bred in Liverpool, due to an offer of work I came to Holland, and travel back to see the Reds play. I hale from the same part of Liverpool as Jamie Carrager. What I ...
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