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This guy is the joker. Might even be more sadistic then Joker
17 hours ago
Lol Mourinho is such a sore loser. "Congrats on my team they give their all, especially Ramires who slapped people when he can't win them"
1 week ago
F**k yeah. Hendo gonna lead our team when gerrard retire. That should be the mentality that every player should have
Cissocko sucks so much
2 months ago
No reason to rest mignolet :(
There's an AMA on reddit with rio, lingeard which is currently happening. If you want to ask questions I guess this is your best chance
Might be taking advice from the great SAF. But you should watch the replay there's minimal contact but still not as bad as your team dives
3 months ago
HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS. Party the s**t out of you for all the s**t in 2013
Http:// Lucas vs oscar
"Allen is like Pirlo, minus the beard and the talent" ha10 from reddit/r/soccer
You should watch the goal again. The whole team fall asleep. Skertel was marking Etoo who get around him and score and get a shot. It's the whole team play poo...
Mourinho first lesson at any club, Ok lads, Im gonna teach you how to play my way of football. That's how to dive, foul, and waste time.
Lol that is a penalty. this must be ur first time watching a football match
Lol sorry yeah guess alberto will perform much better
He celebrate winning us like winning champion league
Refs have to get their earning somehow especially in christmas time from those sugar daddy club sucking thier tits like they suck their mommys
Lucas never slap him just grab the shirt. u guys need to watch the match
Lol we dont have any other central midfielder to replace allen
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