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Liverpool fans come in force on these comments....
I believe it is because Arsenal has a "better" head-to-head record. The rule is a bit weird. But my guess is that because Arsenal beat Napoli but Napoli beat Do...
Ramsey certainly is not 100% to blame for the first goal. If you also look at the way the other Arsenal players were playing, they were very static. When Arsena...
Chelsea played brilliantly. What people have to remember though is that Barcelona have been playing without a striker for the majority of the season. Messi is n...
6 years ago
Great question. In my opinion, Gervinho, Benayoun, Oxlade-Chamberlain, and even Rosicky. Yes, not all of those are out-and-out wingers (and no doubt they lack h...
I agree about Song; however, I feel that in Arsenal's current state, they need Song at the back (occasionally going forward) alongside Vermaelen and Coquelin in...
Personally, I feel the starting line up (with injuries taken into consideration) for the next game should be: Szczesny, Sagna, Song, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, ...
One question: Why do Walcott and Ramsey start?
That is what I'm saying. It seems Evra is trying whatever he can to try and make Suarez look even more like a bad guy than he already may be. Suarez has undoubt...
Evra is really making a big deal out of every detail. I'm not saying Suarez is not wrong for anything he did, but watch Evra as well. The pre-match handshakes -...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Right? I don't see a huge gulf. They lost to Man City by 1 goal both times. Also, in both matches Arsenal created chances but did not take them. They, apart fro...
No, there is absolutely no excuse for United to lose this game. Especially when they have that amount of experience and a manager of that caliber. They knew the...
Not just his goal..his passes were superb...he put walcott in several times. He's becoming a solid midfielder in both aspects of the game.
Walcott frustrates me... does he work on finishing & going past opponents in training? All that pace and it's like he still lacks consistency & legitimate threa...
That's funny...because Real Madrid has only beaten Barca once recently..last year.. and this year they couldn't beat them in either of the 2 super cup legs when...
Yes, that kit is horrible..and with all the new sponsors..doesn't seem as "Barca Clean"
Exactly..Real Madrid basically did the same thing.
7 years ago
Barcelona are in a league of their own. Don't bash the Spanish league or any other league for that matter.
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