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Um... copy-paste from Anfield Index, Teja? On the same note, I have no clue how Nina Kauser has her own show. She's complete s**t with an annoying voice. P...
3 days ago
You totally contradict yourself by saying YNWA after that. You know that, right?
Yeah, Hart actually played pretty well yesterday, I thought. And we scored 4, well 3. That's saying something. City's defense on the other hand......
Allen isn't a bad player, he's just not very good at any one thing. He has no future in this team though. BR was a criminal when it came to assessing talent, ...
More power to him. I've never been that upset that he left. Wasn't ever a huge fan of his. He is currently a good player and has age on his side to become a ...
He's probably thinking; I'm on a CL team, doing well in the competition, getting paid out the ass. I'll probably win the league this year. Oh yeah, I'm only 20...
Just got done with Witcher 3. Do I need to have played the previous Fallout games to play Fallout 4?
6 days ago
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