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4 years ago
EPL must bring the winter break and give a time to prepare for our club. Scudamore is an idiot. EPL need to compromise with our national team and English UEFA C...
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I'd get rid of useless Torres and Benitez asap. Benitez cost us from World Champion title.
I'm gutted but English clubs are very very poor against South Americans. Man Utd is the ONLY winners of this competition. English national team is poor but club...
I'm gutted but English clubs are very very poor against South Americans. Man Utd is the ONLY winners of this competition. English national team is poor but club...
Dunni what to say only a friendly but good goal from Ronaldinho. Good freekick. He plays for Flamengo nowadays.
6 years ago
Portuguese are s**t! What's wrong with them?!
7 years ago
It was a great performance and I thought all the goals we scored was awesome but it's only a qualification game...
I'm surprised... And Spanish proved me wrong. I thought they were crap in the past World Cups. I've seen them going out early many times in big tournaments. Cos...
Bloody good game!! Shame Ghana's out... Muntari's and Forlans's goal was awesome. Really exciting game. One of the best game of the tournament so far.
I don't really rate this dutch team but they did well and Brazil was not that good to watch either. Dunga will be slaughtered for letting Selecao play boring fo...
Villa was really dirty. He should be suspended for 2 or 3 games. I hate it. Just as bad as Rivaldo in 2002. Spain played better and had good chances to score mo...
Both team are awful and not good game to watch but overall Paraguay were better side and they deserve to win. Matsui's shot was close.
Easy win for Brazil. I reckon one of either Holland, Argentina or Brazil will win this tournament.
I'm been a England supporter for about 18 years but this performance was one of the worst ever. I just don't understand why they are not delivering the goods. W...
I'm glad North Americans are out cos they always say football is a women's sport. And I want to slap Donovan's massive forehead! Well done to Ghana! Two great g...
Good game. Both team had good opportunities to score more but Uruguay had more class. They got that extra edge. I didn't like Suarez cos he dived before but his...
Japan played well. Honda and Endo's free kick was awesome. Good team. Denmark was just awful. I'm surprised by oriental teams. Everyone was slating the players ...
I thought we (ENGLAND) played really well tonight and just unlucky despite having so much ball, possession and opportunities to score. Rooney was unlucky. DIdn'...
It was little bit dull game to watch but Paraguay was far better side. Well done to Paraguayans. Their embassy is right next to British embassy in Tokyo so I ha...
I've never seen Italy this bad. I thought us (England) was bad but they were worst. I think penalty was a dive too. So desperate. New Zealand was poor but to ge...
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