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Elnino09thekid (Hussam Farhan) from Barcelona, Spain
ElPeloHernandez (Alejandro Hernandez)
I am a die hard fan of Chelsea Fc i love them with all my heart and soul, since i was 8 and my love for them has never stopped and never will.
Filelord (Bob Woodhad) from Budapest, Hungary
Fragile (Glory Chris) USA
I've never got what i liked..
Francesco (Francesco)
Harryspooner (Harish N)
Kikicfc (Christian Talevski)
Kirky26 (Matt Kirk) England
Kirky,16 and could talk about chelsea fc 24/7
Knoq89 (Kumbi) from Perth, Australia
Koomar (Omar Nicholas)
Loksigno (Lekan Abiona) from Manchester, United Kingdom
Easy-going and positive-minded
LukePillar (Luke Pillar) from Paignton, England
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Makot0 (Makoto)
Maxwell (Maxwell Joel Gibson) from Keartons, St Vincent
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