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Giroud worked for that goal and what a cross as well
5 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Yeah i live in Los Angeles, so I had to get up at around 4 AM to watch this. I saw a Fellaini header, and Park shot straight at Tim Howard. I guess I should hav...
6 years ago
No matter what you think of Ronaldo, you have to respect the titty squeeze celebration
Hungriness of chilean frontmen vs. smoothness of Fabregas? can't choose
Lol a your mother comeback! yeeeuuuhhhhh!!!!!!
I don't feel sorry at all. Wenger knew the danger of having so many good young players and not winning trophies: the best will leave. Anyone in Fabregas's posit...
Da silva twins for Brazil!!!
The only thing that a MU fan can be afraid of this season is complacency. It's really hard to rate how strong our team is, but the way that other teams have shi...
Somewhere on FootyTube
I know i do, he could be great if he would man the f*ck up
Wow no respect. 1) you obviously do care what scholes said, and the easiest way to show that what he said was meaningless would be to NOT throw a tantrum 2) whe...
I only really feel bad for RVP, MAYBE Wilshere (sure he's relatively new but he's got heart) and of course Wenger. When you watch a game (at least on tv) you ca...
He did fall and get back up with Stevie g looking furious
7 years ago
Not gonna cry over it guys. any team can step onto the field and beat any other team. to feel sorry for arsenal is to assume bolton have no ambitions. i'll just...
Another cup tie with a German team, c'mon united
@crossbow99 couldn't agree more. the last time United beat defending champions was so long tuesday i think. this won't be an entertaining match betwe...
Who doesn't start drogba in a second leg quarterfinal against Manchester United AT Old Trafford? I wouldn't field Torres over Drogba if he was IN form. People c...
Its like every portuguese player seems to do that, now torres is doing it, arjen robben is a quality player that does it. its disgraceful and i wish a teammate ...
That would've been a dope little consolation
I think he might do better in a different league to be honest. Even when he's in good form he doesn't seem fully fit. I think he's a good striker but I have no ...
To be completely honest, any team can beat barca but under the right conditions...if any two out of evra, vidic and ferdinand are not playing, chances are too s...
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