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As reliable as the guy who reported that Benatia was on a plane to Manchester?
19 hours ago
So Benatia finally decided to go back to earth and landed at Bayern. Hummels seems impossible. Are there any other good CBs to chase after?
1 day ago
His point is that player still wanna come to utd despite not being in CL. What does it has to do with transfer money? It's the clubs that demanded high price an...
2 days ago
Http:// DiMaria is to have medical
3 days ago
Benatia if Martians release him
4 days ago
Can we buy Vidal with that kind of money?
@MUFC1990 well... 1 world class signing is all i allow myself to have hope
The difference? their owners brought them money. Utd's brought debt @Ankitarora&3Dhome ty for being fair
Ive always thought he meant the massive space in our midfield and defense thats never gonna be filled cuz he aint signing any cdm or cb. Ty for shinning some li...
5 days ago
Im happy to see DiMaria news but... Still waiting on Benatia plane...
6 days ago
@SIF I thought Barca is banned from all transfers. @RED I hoped that utd would have gone after those players cuz they were available for low price and got my ...
After Ozil, Kroos, Fabregas, Thiago, Vidal my heart tells me to never have hope.
Http:// This is the text of Scholes article if u guys are interested
1 week ago
Why play for United, or Bayern? Team Martian needs him!
If it wasnt bs, Benatia plane shud be on the moon by now
Breaking news: Bayern signs Rojo
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