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Http:// omfg... stop crying u bald baby!
4 hours ago
I really dont think he has any say on transfer target... why would the club give him such authority? this story of Cavani just doesnt make sense to me... unless...
Where did you read this? lol. 60m for a striker while having 4 at the club is just plain stupid.... even Woodward shouldnt be this dumb...
6 hours ago
I honestly dont see much difference between RM tatics and how we played against Bayern. They give up possession and spend most of the time in their own half. Ro...
10 hours ago
RVP went through a goal drought, missed many sitters and others get blamed for not providing services. Its a shitty season and all of the players should share t...
What if he becomes a manager like Conte or Simeone... and stays with us for another 25 years???
So when Kagawa, Carrick, RVP etc... have a shitty season its Moyes fault but Rooney should be ashamed of himself? It wasnt his best season but he at least had h...
Giggs: fuk Januzaj, fk kagawa, fk Young, fk Nani. left wing is mine!!!
1 day ago
1 week ago
Doesnt matter what type of competition it is, going head on with someone that is much stronger is just plain idiocy. Looking at our squad and Bayern squad atm, ...
2 weeks ago
Omg he gotta stop crying, just because he couldnt do s**t against Buttner haha
3 weeks ago
Vidic caz goal
.... but if Moyes gives up on the league right now, many fans and media will eat him alive
Nope.... no red for both cases
Especially when Young has possesion. Cant even peak!
Players are not robots. this is Bale 1st year n hes doing much better than Neymar imo. I dont even have to talk about CR7 contribution to RM...
CR7 and Bale got booed caz of poor performance in few matches lol... in our shoes, they would have burned down OT already
Wish i could be there. the only way to go to the next round is preventing Bayern from scoring. Once they lead, it will be impossible to to get the ball back and...
Jones and Carrick are gonna have a hard time in the air against Carroll
1 month ago
U forgot one of the classic: buy the ref
2 months ago
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4 months ago
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