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Come on Liv.... dont let this ...slip!
7 months ago
WHEN'S THE TACKLE COMING? for those who dont get it:
I've never been scared on Halloween but this match was a real horror. Probably gonna have nightmares tonight
Gohonaf wins the day
8 months ago
Http:// ...
Http:// Oh well...
Rooney: that child on the stadium looks like he really wants the ball. Here you go kid!
9 months ago
LVG signed him during a press conference
Mike: f**k this! I'll show those amateurs how to score. The Juan: passing normally is too mainstream
LOL at Szczesny. What a embarrassing goal. I rmb some Arsenal fans said he was better than DeGea
The fact that Mata stats have been lowered in both Fifa and PES bothers me alot. People just dont rate him cuz he's not flashy or fast
I hope Utd will end up paying Monaco the full fee for Martial
PES ftw!
FFS.... Doesn't matter the result, my day is ruined by a s**t challenge
Http:// i already forgot he was a UTD player, now this... He needs to...
Cant wait for PES tomorrow. I absolutely loved the demo. Have the feeling that this PES is going to be great edit: gamespot gave it a 9/10 http://www.gamespot....
Nani time in England was over. Chicharito didnt even look like he wanted to play
They lost Tevez, Pirlo and Vidal
You claim that you dont try but mostly everything you say is negative... Its a 3-1 win over Liv with wonderful goal from Martial. Enjoy it will ya?
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10 months ago
2 years ago
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