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Yeah Chaouchi...I heard the reason Egypt lost against Algeria in Sudan was because of his haircut...It distracted the players and that's why they missed the goa...
8 years ago
How many times do i have to tell u: You wanted to go to the WC, it was a few months ago that you have to prove it. Now you can do anything you want, it won't ma...
We play dirty, poor you...Such crybabies. How many red cards did we get in the qualifiers, tell me... The Nigeria game was used for the subs, cause you see, how...
Have i said we are a great team? I said we are still a work in progress but we earned our ticket on the field and you have to accept that. You can win anything ...
No hostility from my part bro! It's just the famous "We should have gone to the WC, it's our right" kind of argument that i don't understand. It's been played o...
Well that's your opinion, I am not going to get into "My dad is stronger than your dad" kind of argument cause it's just too childish frankly... As I said, and ...
What? Is that crying i hear? Yeah, thought so...The only comparison to rugby i see is Anthar Yahia's strike that almost ripped the net (and good thing Hadhary s...
Actually i am more interested in his haircut
Ah what a nice therapy...Maybe if you repeat it out loud a thousand times, you will actually believe it! :)
Yeah why not, you could qualify in 2014...
Shehata fair play? The guy that was clapping our player Halliche when he was sent off? Oh yeah, this guy is an example of fair-play...
Or 1,2,3, no world cup for El Hadhary is another version of it
We are not happy about that and i feel sorry for the Ivory Coast even though these things happen. In fact weren't you the one that said "oh well, even when we r...
Yeah Togo and Angola made it in the 2006 but where were you, the African champions? Oh right! You were watching them on tv... At least respect those teams, they...
We have nothing to prove to you my friend...:) If you are so good, you don't need to choose between ACN and WC, you get both...It just seems to me like you are ...
Any proof of those attacks on Egyptians? Btw, i don't caution violence but when someone attacks you, you can probably expect some kind of retaliation, no acting...
Believe whatever your media propaganda tells u. Number of sheeps in the world +1
Yeah cuz 2-1 with 25 minutes to play or 3-1 with 25 minutes to play is the same thing right? I guess you missed the mental aspect of the game bro
Sorry but Keita's goal is much better
You guys are something! After such a controversial win, you still brag...
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