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4 years ago
This announcer combo is so awful.
And for the second penalty, did the ref give him a yellow for swearing at him? handling the ball in the penalty box is either just a penalty, or a red card for ...
Wait, was that not the most bs penalty ever? Is everyone sympathetic just because the goalie went in with both legs?
Holy hell that soundtrack was annoying.
5 years ago
Balotelli is such an angry angry man. sad to watch
Here's what i dont get. in the rulebook, a goalie cannot move from the line before the ball is kicked. if he does move and the ball does not go in the net, the ...
6 years ago
Man i dislike arsenal, though who could hate RVP...but Messi's level? not a chance. perhaps as a visionary, and maybe as a leader, and both place the ball exact...
I love RVP, but I love seeing Arsenal lose more.
Pepe. like the schoolboy on the playground. all c**k and no balls.
What about the ufc fights where a guy is on the ground, and the attacker gets 5-6 more solid punches before the ref can even call him off...seems the same to me...
So glad to see tht robinho may be coming back into form. With passing like that from ibra, he will continue to have help. Put some ibracadabra with that, and we...
Ok...before people think i can't play soccer...i can...i know the rules...but why wasn't the yellow card against hernandez a penalty kick? unless play resumed a...
You know, just because a team lost doesn't mean they deserve "rubbish" as your opinion. Nor does winning deserve "Awesome" (No way am I refuting that I clicked ...
7 years ago
You can talk about game details all you want, but the team Milan was NOT able to field (injuries..not ineligibility) worked. Their players that have injuries ou...
*for the comment about the ref. that's just dumb.
To put it in terms you will get: ur retarted.
Don't get me wrong, I love cesar, but both penalty kicks were put in the same spot. cesar got his because he came off his line before the ball was kicked. it wa...
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