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It burns me that we won't be near 100% and that we could use a player like Fabregas right now and instead we'll go play against him. We need to accept that we w...
2 months ago
I have it on Xbox One. It's awesome. I prefer the controller, Xbox Live (infrastructure and community) among other reasons. Great game regardless of console, I ...
While we probably won't buy a striker we can't really come out and say that we need a striker at all costs -- teams would milk us dry. If we negotiate from a po...
3 months ago
I feel like money was a big part of it and he should just acknowledge that. He did a great job and was a big advocate for the team. We probably could have paid ...
4 months ago
I couldn't watch the game... any impression of Sanchez? I know he was a late sub but I read he won a corner or two.
It seemed like he was nervy and just needed confidence in front of the net and have some good results. Today was impressive and I hope it instills him with that...
I'm sad to see him go. I thought he had a lot of potential and showed well.
5 months ago
Expectations should always be tempered but I expect Sanchez to have a fine season, if he and other attacking players are reasonably healthy. I think his work ra...
We missed Theo dearly last year. I can't wait to have him back at 100%.
We had the option to acquire Fabregas and we passed. His preferred option wasn't an option. After we rejected him I don't blame him for trying to find the best ...
6 months ago
1 year ago
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