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It looked like a shot but hey a goal is a goal i guess
6 years ago
I hope valencia start to step it up since they have won 3rd place but like last year they dissapointed in the CL and they been 3rd for a while so i would have e...
This sux im a barca and milan fan and these two teams are great but i gotta say that eventually barca will fall from top team as bad as that sounds but hey bett...
I completely agree that madrid got it easy this year and wtf they are still complaining like can u guys shut up and enjoy it cuz once this round is over it look...
Hey its true but he cant do it all .... actually im mostly a Milan fan ... i like their style of attack because its just more entertaining to watch unlike barca...
Hey i respect every word of his comment because thats a TRUE arsenal fan .... a TRUE fan knows when their favorite team has bin beatened .... and how Arsenal di...
Hey come on have respect man this guys is an arsenal fan and he is admitting that they messed up .... i agree with u man milan had this match going in to arsena...
Thaigo Silva was a SUPERB deffender that game but he can't do it alone .... and Ibrahimovic sucked this game .... but im going with milan to win it this year GO...
I agree with u because arsenal gave it away at AC milans home field like wtf you need to try harder because AC Milan has some young players but they also have E...
I agree and even thoe im going with milan i loved the fact arsenal didnt go down without a fight ... if they played like that more often then they can go to the...
@DerBomba i agree that barca practically have a sytem of possesion that will dominate the other teams but if a team like that holds the ball for that long you w...
I miss that brazzilian magician too haha ..... isnt it weird how all of a sudden juventus became the top team in the serie A????
Supposely there was a rumor that the team samuel eto is in might want him .... i would like to see him in that russian team
Haha nice one jeroen
Ronaldinho SHITTED ON HIM LOL now that is a GOOD soccer player
I Agree with everyone but cmon lets put ourselves in their shoes ..... they have won it the past 3 years and not just that but have won the champions league twi...
It sucks cuz im a barca fan and when i was watching this game i was surprised at madrid ..... they were given it 120% .... i actually got scared they would win ...
Hey thanx for backing me up in the real madrid vs atletico bilbao game comments lol im gld you agree with what i Actually think about messi =)
@Jazze yeah im a barca fan and cmon even im saying messi is the best right now .... but if he is as good as people say he is then why shouldnt he be able to do ...
Hey hey okay yeah he is the best player of the world 3 YEARS in a row but cmon .... with barca he is the s**t because of xavi and iniesta giving him all the pas...
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