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What a match and what a performance by Barcelona. But the man of the match award must be given to the commentator. He must have been the happiest guy in the who...
5 years ago
Did Gary Neville have an orgasm after Torres scored?
Vintage performance by Chelsea. I wanted them to win too. But that's because I want to see united to become the first team to lift the trophy back to back. Also...
@Ostyle27: There is nothing called as anti-football. Not everyone has the players who have the same technical abilities as Barcelona players. You have your own ...
I agree that homegrown talent is better than buying someone from the outside. But just to correct you Pique in fact did cost Barcelona some money as he was purc...
6 years ago
I agree. See an United and a Liverpool fan agree on something. This moment will be recorded in history.
Yeah Lawrence83 wtf? You have to be gracious in defeat. And mate your team was not even playing. why the hell are you cribbing for? May be Barcelona do get help...
Here is a joke to lighten up the situation Once Messi is in a room with a girl. The girl says, "sweetheart, i will freshen up a bit and then we will have wild ...
Undoubtedly it was great game. Both teams played good. Villa's goal deserves all the praise it is getting. Now two things are bothering me. 1. How is Messi luck...
Frustrated chelsea fans i guess?
7 years ago
I know what everyone is thinking. SAF is building a team for future. We all need a bright future. But that future is built on the present. Is the present young ...
Do you think that United has lost the drive to become champions? I am a bit confused so i will refrain from commenting. But the facts are saying something that ...
Not that he said anything about the manager directly..But the way he contradicted Sir alex..You do not make a fool out of a manager so is a legend.. Plus there...
No point is not that tony.. even i am not a fan of his anymore especially after the things he said about the manager and the club.. But then my question was for...
Hahahahahah!!! Rooney signed a new 5 year deal with united. Now how i wish to see the faces of the people who criticized him without even giving him a chance.. ...
They say our greatest hopes and worst fears are seldom realized.. I don't know what will be the case this time.. don't want another west brom show..already seen...
1-0? i personally hope that this is the kick that united needs to get its season back on track..
What do you think will be the mood when united take on bursaspor tomorrow night? will it be a draw as usual or will united show that they do not need rooney to ...
Oh my bad..i am sorry..but i feel bad for both the player none the less
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