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Calm ur tits guys. africa barely gets any coverage. props for at least someone trying.
5 years ago
People will always say that about the top teams, no matter what league or sport you're talking about. In this instance, I remember first getting into the sport ...
6 years ago
ROFL. as a Man U supporter, I have to say that the OP is an idiot.
The build up and the run was nice, ut the fact that it took a deflection takes away from making it THE top goal to me
What the opening comment means to say is that there is a level of understanding that privileged groups will never understand in matters such as this. suarez i...
Awesome. one of the better ones, easily
Ref called offsides
7 years ago
Sounds like pure ignorance on ur part
Wow, this is a tight race. people should start paying attention to this league, myself included
Is that what it was? i didnt realize the yellows carried over into the next stage.
Its called being dynamic and unpredictable. better than the same teams winning the league by miles like certain leagues......
As much as i would love him to come to ManU, its prolly not gonna happen :( plus isnt barca still interested in him?
It was. keeper didnt touch him at all. i hate when players dive and couldve just kept going for goal. but at the same time, stoke have been unlucky with calls....
Foster played amazing
Why is there a confederate flag in the stadium? *look at the second goal*
Good spot. what a jerk
One of my fav players. always fights so hard for the ball. best part of his play imo
His suit game is on point. lol
Dont lose to everton m8 ;)
That host is stunning. but neways predictions in: 2-0 Milan
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