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4 years ago
Lazio is for players who could not make the roma squad they will fall from the top of the table like a bird without wings
7 years ago
Not good ahhhh but they will come right go roma
There are so many dickheads in the world; EDL is a rouse for racist scumbags to have an outlet to express just how dumb they really are.....they should not even...
To compare henry with cannavaro is an insult to cannavaro who has always played with integrity. Henry is and always will be a cheat a man with no integrity
Is that why henry cant cut it in a real league and now plays in the US
I think without totti Italy will struggle, i hope they do well but without his flair it will be difficult
8 years ago
I hope henry gets smashed he deserves it u still supporting the cheating w****r
Roma still have a great chance to win the whole thing but it depends on how much totti can get on the park
My point in the below discussions is that humans create the grey in life and it is an a creation that is not necessary. I did not say there is no grey in life, ...
Yes he does cheat you doheed, who faked being fouled France Vs Spain world cup 2006 to earn a free kick that france scored off. Poor Puyol never touched the che...
Actually there is no middle ground between right and wrong. To dismiss an act of intentional evil as simply that of "a footballer" gives the devil the room to...
Ok lets do what you have obviously done lets ignore the fact that he is one of the biggest cheats the game has ever seen. Lets forget he brought the entire game...
Pirlo, xavi, messi, iniesta, kaka (totti better than all of them if he goes)
Borge 130 Italy will make the semis at the very least just on their defence alone, England will sniff the quarter finals and go out again. Really Italy has w...
Who cares who is wearing the English captains armband...little prediction England meets team with a bit of talent (Portugal, Italy , Germany, Brazil, Spain) and...
Spain, Italy, Germany and Brazil
Did you even see what he did he purposefully hand balled the ball to his team mate to deliberately cheat he cost a nation the chance to represent their country ...
You know nothing about henry and you call him a cheat?you do not respect great players.
Thierry is a cheating arsehole who should never ever be allowed to play professionally again, he should be made to pay Irelands football association the money t...
Buffon as keeper Grosso, Nesta (if available) Cannavaro and Zambrotta, De Rossi, Pirlo, Aquilani, Totti, Toni Gilardino Without Totti Italy will not w...
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