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Says it all!!
2 years ago
Damn its been a while since i have posted!! Hope you boys/girls are good At the beginning of the season i thought we would be lucky finishing 5th6th as our te...
A@paddy ah, I used to go to that club in Harlow.. cant remember the name of it though .... @Bwfyid I know Northumberland park very well I gues we are all very ...
3 years ago
@Paddy no I'm from Edmonton North London but I went to a school called Bishop Stopford's quite near WHR's school
@WHR I also knew he was a local boy through a pal of mine.. I believe he is near Enfield?. Where did you go to school as I went to Bishops
Completely agree Although there is nothing wrong with his preferred team but rotate depending on who we play as that 11 can't always do a job against every t...
Pathetic!!!! As mistake prone as he is I would have started with fazio and vert as a partnership. Also demb should have started but even so there is no excuse...
Was a cup game Mags
Yup These players apart from the odd 2 or three players should never have been given contracts and it amazes me how! I work with a family member who is an age...
WTF is wrong with the team
Our Passing is way too slow Movement looks poor And we have no creative spark This is a league 1 side !!! Stambouli offers nothing for me and is so flipping ...
So proud of the lads today.. Thought we showed courage,character and fighting spirit and that's all us spurs fans ever ask for COYS!!!
Listening to talksport and Southampton chairman came on and confirmed jay and morg will not be leaving the saints!! I don't mind jay not coming but I wanted mor...
I get what you mean but soldaldo`s all round play is fantastic and I believe more effective than lamela in that position. Maybe when lamela gets a full season u...
Walker Kaboom verts Davies schniederlin Eriksen lennon soldaldo lamella Adey I honestly think sold should play as a number 10 for his all round play!!!...
Nice to see Tim allowing the lads to play with freedom and abit more excitment!!The spurs way to play! COYS
4 years ago
Hmmm i guess its kinda true but i think its only a Temp thing untill we sort out a replacement.
Ok.. Firstly i would like to say that i liked AVB as a person and I thought he came across as a very humble young man. I also wanted him to do well because i fe...
Why remove my comment???? wow mod edit: Site guideline 6. that's why. Excessive 'TXT Speak' and CAPITAL LETTERS. Nobody likes it when you shout.
LOL you lot make me laugh i have supported spurs my whole fu..kin life been to loads of games as i`m round the corner from the lane so please dont tell me s**t...
5 years ago
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