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I respect Messi, and i believe he is the best CLUB player of all time, he still has time to prove himself internationally on the big stage. I personally have m...
6 years ago
I hate Suarez's personality, and I also lost respect for hime when he robbed Ghana of what they deserved last world cup, but there is no denying that he might b...
David De Gea did have a great performance but he still lacks the experience at times, it definitely cost him today on stoke's goal. I think it is about time to...
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I think losing Samir Nasri was a big blow to Arsenals creativeness on the field, I don't think they have enough creators in the midfield with the loss of Nasri ...
Honestly I don't see what all the fuss is about Pepe's tackle, it was a wreckless cleats up tackle, if Dani alves had not seen him coming and pulled back, it co...
7 years ago
I really don't see the incredible amount of skill in this goal, in my opinion there was a lot of luck. Based on how his confidence has been in front of goal la...
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