Tony best........the clues in the name.
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Ant (Anthony Scally) from Wellington, New Zealand
I am a dad, and a husband. I live in the USA, but my mom is from España. I have suffered with the Spanish national team since Spain '82. World Cup disappointment after WC disappoi ...
ArayaGonzalez (Araya Kang) from Ayer Keroh, Malaysia
A metalhead, a football fan, a chef..
Araz (Araz Zadeh) from London, England
Areacodeboy7 (K. Duncan)
Arian18 (Arian) from Barcelona
Ariyanti (Ariyanti_mr) from Palu, Indonesia
I love watching a football match since 2000 (when I was 14 years old). It may be stated too late. hihihiy :) Btw, I want to have extra money to buy a better coach and buy some play ...
ArmstrongCPFC (Tom Armstrong) England!!!!
I play out in america for a college on a scholarship and love every minute of it. easy going, i know my stuff and i know my football so dont make it complicated when it comes to de ...
ARod9 (Aidan Rodriguez) from San Antonio, USA
Asalter05 (Addison Salter) from Orlando, United States
At first site you may think I'm this short chunky kid who can't play but by the time that thought goes through your mind I've already put the ball in between your legs and scored ; ...
AstonVillen (David Hickman)
Athewin (Edwin)
AtTheWin (EdwiN)
Audentio (Mike Creuzer) from Rockford, USA
Ausirio (Aussirio Sangga Ndolu)
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